A Night with Brooke from WoW

 Around this time last year I created my Instagram account for all my travel photos. Before I started Krista’s Wandering Footprints, I had been following this girl who was travelling the world solo through my personal Instagram account.

I can’t even remember how I came across this person but her blogs and photos were amazing and very uplifting. Of course I am talking about Brooke from World of Wanderlust. A global celebrity in the travel industry.

Yes, to me there is such a thing. Idol. Inspiration. I’m sure that in your lifetime you’ve had someone to look up too. Whether it is a parent, a friend, a sibling or even a celebrity. I’ve got a few and Brooke is just one of them.

So what drew me to her you may ask? I had seen a couple of her vlogs on YouTube and I just loved her personality. She wasn’t trying to be anyone but herself, she is always happy, she’s doing something she loves and she makes time for her readers and organises meet ups! Brooke was at the top of my list of my travel inspirations to meet in person and I’m happy to say I can now cross her off the list.

Having followed Brooke just after she started her journey around the world solo last year it was amazing to hear that she was making a stop in Brisbane this year. Just for one night only would I be able to meet her. Meeting her at the Eat Street Markets, I kept my eyes peeled. It was like trying to spot a needle in a haystack as the markets are quite popular. I finally spotted her and arranged to meet back up with them once I had gotten my drink.

Once we sat down there was already a few of us, along with another travel blogger, Jessie from @24_wanderlust. Just sitting in their presence was an experience in itself. They were just amazing in person as well as online. A few more people (20-30) joined in and we moved to an area that was big enough to cater for everyone. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement and music and we were all too excited to be there for this meet up.

Brooke answered all our questions and gave us tips to use when posting online and for travelling. It was a night I won’t forget anytime soon. The hour we had spent with her went way too quickly. We were told the markets were closing up so Brooke quickly told us to all squeeze in together for a photo. Once we had taken the photo it was time to leave but with everyone talking to her it was a little hard to get to her. When I finally got the chance I had a quick word with her before asking for a photo. Of course I was nervous asking for a photo with her but she was more than happy too. FB_IMG_1429760688066

Brooke is my inspiration. I now want to inspire people to get out there and live by sharing my experiences from the places I have visited. Of course Brooke has visited a lot more countries than me (she’s visited over 50 where I’ve only visited 3) but because of her and a few other people I follow on social media I’m keen to explore more what this world has to offer.

I have struggled ever since graduating high school to find something I loved to do to pursue as a career. We’re asked at a very young age to start thinking about our future careers. For me this wasn’t possible. I had started travelling overseas when I was 22 (a bit older than other travellers) and loved it. My group of friends also call me “Paparazzi Krista” so I thought why not combine my photos and travel experience with the world? So for now, it’ll be just sharing photos and writing about my experiences while working a fulltime job.


Who inspires you to do your best? Who would you like to meet in person who is well known?


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