America/Canada Bucketlists

Do you ever get that excited you feel like you’re about to jump out of your skin? Every time I go on a holiday this feeling just hits me out of nowhere and I feel like I don’t have the strength to hold it in sometimes.

I am extremely excited that 2015 has a trip in store for me. Ok well I planned it but hey, it’s happening right? This trip includes two countries. One of them I have already set foot on and the other, well I’m about to add another country to my list and I’m so happy.

I have always wanted to go to Canada and America for as long as I can remember. With such beautiful scenery, who wouldn’t? Another added bonus about this holiday is I have friends now who live over there. For the first time I will be doing a holiday myself with some new friends along the way.

To make me even more excited (I’m such an organiser as most of my friends know) I have made myself a bucket list to complete while I’m on holiday. Yes a mini bucket list for America and Canada only. With plenty to do, my list isn’t on the short side of things with some more items getting added on in the process. Of course I’ll be taking photos to show you that I have crossed them off my list. Follow my Instagram for that.

See below:

Visit Times Square

Go to the top of the empire state building

Visit Boston for the Day

Go to the top of the Rockefeller centre

Have a picnic in Central Park

See a Broadway Musical

See the Statue of Liberty

See the 9-11 Memorial

See Ground Zero Museum


Universal Studios

Get photos with Disney Characters

Visit the Botanical Gardens in Montreal

Maid of the Mist

See the White House

United States Capitol

Washington Monument

Martin Luther King Memorial

National Museum of Natural History

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool

Lincoln Memorial

Tidal Basin

Washington Harbour

Enjoy a slice of New York Pizza

Set foot on the Brooklyn Bridge

Drive over the Brooklyn Bridge

Catch the Subway

Canada Train Ride to Niagara Falls from Montreal

Museum of American History

National Zoo, Washington D.C

Hershey Factory Tour

Haunted Prison Walk

Liberty Bell

See Coloured Houses in Charleston

See the Cobblestone Streets in Savannah

Marche Atwater (Markets)

Aires Libres (Public Art from May-Sept)

Biltmore Mansion

Have breakfast at Tiffany’s

Visit M&M World

See the Love & Hope Signs in NYC.

If you guys have anymore I should add to the list, write them below. I’d love to see your suggestions.


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