Brisbane Adventures

On the east coast of Australia, Brisbane is located in Queensland in the south east. Also where I was born and grew up. Brisbane is also known as the River City as the Brisbane River flows through suburbs, the city and Southbank. Not as busy as Melbourne or Sydney, Brisbane still has a young appeal to it. With new Cafes and bars opening all around you are bound to find something you like. If you’re just passing through my beautiful home city here are a few tips on what to experience when visiting.

With only 3 bridges in the world you can climb, climbing the Storey Bridge is a must do. Panoramic views from the top of the bridge as far as the eye can see. I did this tour at dusk in October and by the time we were half way through our tour, night had fallen. I’ve seen the city from all different angles but the view of the city from the bridge was breathtaking. This is a guided tour where the guide will give you history on Brisbane and the Bridge itself. You are also asked if you would like your photo taken at 3 different points of the bridge. You can chose which ones you prefer at the end of the tour. I had done this bridge climb with a girl I met on my outback tour so we decided to get our photos on a USB stick and share them. There’s a little tip for you about the photos.

The Eat Street Markets is where you’ll find pretty much anything and everything to eat. The atmosphere is just so lively and young that you’ll never want to leave. From all main meals to dessert you will not be disappointed. There are also stalls where you can purchase goods for your house, clothes, books, art, and gifts to give to some of your friends and/or family. Live music is always played which just makes the experience even better. Seating is an issue. With its popularity, most seats are usually taken which makes it hard to eat your food. So get there earlier or towards the end of closing time to grab a seat. Eat Street Markets are located at Portside where the cruise ships are docked.

We have many forms of public transport in Brisbane; Trains, Buses, Cabs, Ferries and of course the City Cat. The City Cat stops at all stops along the river. Make a day of it and go cruising on the Brisbane River. Stand at the front and let the wind go through your hair. You will need to pay to use this transport but it’s all part of the fun. Even if you’re staying in Brisbane for a couple of days, a GO card can make all the difference with transport prices and it covers everything. Don’t have a Go card, the prices are a little more expensive. You can pick these up at local newsagencies or the Translink tellers. But if you’re a bit tight on money, the City Hopper (Ferry) is a free mode of transport running every 30 mins from certain stops.

Visit Southbank and it’s surrounds. Enjoy a walk along the river, a swim at the manmade beach which overlooks the city, enjoy cafes, bars, dessert cafes. Southbank has a variety of food choices. There is also the Brisbane Eye, similar to the London eye, but smaller in size where you can the city and Southbank. From memory, it’s approximately $15 to go on and goes around about 4 times. for regular updates on events happening in the area, visit Southbank also hold markets during the weekend for people wanting to stroll slowly through the area and check out what they have to offer. Located near the Plough Inn right through to Nandos in the middle of Southbank. If you’re looking for upscale areas to eat, you’ll be able to find them in Fortitude Valley, the City and even in Southbank. Check out James Street in the Valley for different restaurants.

Want to hold a Koala or just see Australian wildlife in general? The best place in Brisbane for that is the Koala Sanctuary. Get your photo taken with one, feed kangaroos and get a “Roo Selfie”, watch live shows . Koala Sanctuary is in the Suburb of Fig Tree Pocket, 15 minutes from the City off the Centenary Highway. Prices are reasonable with adults being $35. Here is the website for more info

There are many choices of performing houses in Brisbane; The Powerhouse (located in New Farm),The Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (Southbank – I use to work there), QPAC (across from the Convention Centre), The Brisbane Entertainment Centre (Out past the airport) where the Big acts come and perform, The Suncorp Stadium (Located in Milton) where there are sporting games to watch and the occasional entertainer plus many more. These are where you’ll find the big name performances if you want to see something while you’re in Brisbane.

The best thing about Brisbane is that it’s located in the middle of two great coasts to visit. The Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast where it’s a little more relaxed to get away from the hustle and bustle.

If you have any questions or suggestions, comment below. I’d love to hear your opinions.


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