What to Do in Queenstown: New Zealand Edition

To me, Queenstown is the city that just doesn’t stop. This beautiful area of New Zealand is full of things to do for the wicked and for the laid back kind of people. Beautiful scenery, this place felt so surreal.

Only having 3 days to explore it, here are my top things to see/do.


  1. If you’re an adrenaline junky, then you must do a bungee jump. New Zealand has 3 jumps total with the highest being 134m. I’m scared of heights so I opted for the smaller one. 43m and it was above water. This trip was all about getting out of comfort zone and conquer my fear of heights. well the fear of heights is still there. I’m glad I did the jump (pretty much pushed off because i asked to be push) but I wouldn’t try it again.
  2. Shot over Jet – This will give you such a high. definitely something you want to add to your “Must Do List” for Queenstown. With up to speeds of a high range this will surely give you a thrill. 360 degree spins and fishtails. I couldn’t stop laughing and screaming. It was just a ball of fun.
  3. Minus 5 Bar – “Brr, it’s cold in here, there must be some ice in the atmosphere”. This place doesn’t need much of an introduction. It’s a bar that is in Minus 5 degree temperatures. Ice sculptures and drinking your drinks out of ice glasses. Awesome night out as this was our St Patrick’s day celebration ending at the Boiler Room.
  4. Fergburger. You guessed it. Burgers! these are amazing and usually i don’t eat big messy things in public but this was totally worth it. If you’re craving a burger late at night, don’t stress, they’re opened til late. Check out the names of the burgers too. I think I may have had the “Mary had a little lamb” burger. So good!
  5. Canyon Swing – Another height activity but i was with a friend this time round so I felt a little better. Just taking that leap of faith was pretty much awesome and the swing was amazing. Again, once is enough for me.
  6. Skyline Restaurant – Our first night in Queenstown included an optional dinner with a buffet. So much food to choose from and the view just added to that special night out.
  7. Skyline Lookout – You can see Mountains upon mountains from the top of this lookout and the only way up and down is a gondola ride. Perfect panoramic views with beautiful little Queenstown down below.
  8. Winnie’s Pizza – MUST. GO. HERE. This place was just buzzing with awesomeness and it was busy! The pizzas were huge and so delicious. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who visits.
  9. Horse Ride at Walter Peak High Country – When i saw this opportunity arise, i just had to take it. I had never been on a horse before so I thought the ride would be good to see a different part of Queenstown. Of course the weather wasn’t that crash hot but it was pretty amazing.
  10. Go for a walk along the wharf – When I visited, there were markets down by the wharf along with some shops, an a big paddle steamer. This is what I took over to Walter Peak High Country. Be sure to take in the lake the mountains in the background. here you’ll see swans, ducks and other animals just enjoying life too.

Things i would like to go back and do: Milfound Sound, Explore more of the township, visit arrow town (just outside of Queenstown), maybe do the ledge bungee as the harness is strapped around your body and not your feet and go see the snow.

What are some of your favourite things about Queenstown or what would you like to do/see for yourself if you’re a first time visitor?


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