Oh the places I will go and have seen

Sometimes when I’m just about to fall asleep my mind is wide awake full of ideas of anything. One idea I had was writing a blog about the top places I want to see in the world and where I would like to re visit again down the track.

For as long as I could remember I had always wanted to travel. Starting a little later than others, my dream has finally started to become real. And now knowing friends in certain areas I now have a place to can visit.

So having visited only New Zealand and the West coast of America and of course Australia, my home, below are a list of places I’d like to go back too in no particular order.

Melbourne: this city has always been a favourite of mine and it’s one I could see myself living in. Of course when I visit Melbourne it’s only usually for a day trip as most of my family live out in country Victoria but for my trip I plan to stay in the city and enjoy it the touristy way. There is still a lot to be seen here from cafes to laneways, the beach houses and the beach. Plenty to see and do. Melbourne won’t leave you bored. 20141117_101704

Brisbane: my home city. Yes, I still have a lot to see in my own backyard. In Brisbane we have a mode of transport called the City Cat where you can travel up and down the Brisbane River with regular stops along the way. And with Brisbane turning into the new Melbourne (it feels like it) new cafes and bars are popping up all over the place.

Queenstown: With only a stone’s throw away this place is back on my places to visit in the coming years. This beautiful town is full of life and adventure. Are you an adrenaline unky? Then this is the place for you. Bungee Jumping Shot over Jet Ride, Skydiving, Canyon Swing, Quad biking ride and so much more. Ps try the Fergburgers when you get there. To die for!

San Diego: This city gave me such a relaxed vibe that I would come back here just to have an easy holiday. With the Gaslamp Quarter in the centre of the CBD, there is plenty on offer. One of the bars we were to was called the “Duelling Piano Bar”. Yes the name says it all. Two people duel against each other while playing the piano and singing. Certainly makes for an awesome night.  SeaWorld is also here to visit plus the San Diego Zoo if you plan to take the family. Take a stroll along the waterfront and you’ll come across the USS Midway Museum. I didn’t check it out myself, but at least that’s something I can do when I go back.

Sedona: Well this place just surprised me. Between our drive from San Diego to Scottsdale, Phoenix, I was in love with it. Beautifully formed red rocks give the township a beautiful back drop. It looks fake you’d think you’re on a movie set. I would go back in a heartbeat!

Las Vegas: known as Sin City, this party crazy place is on my list of places to visit again. Why? Well there is just so much to see. Every hotel has a different theme. I only went into 3 of the hotels on the strip so I felt like I didn’t see much. I’m not much a gambler but I would like to gamble more than a $1, see a show in Vegas whether it be a circus act or a famous celebrity. From here I would take a helicopter ride out to the Grand Canyon as the weather wasn’t the best and it was cancelled. Major sad face.

San Francisco: “Wake me up in San Francisco”… who wouldn’t want to go to the city where they filmed Full House & Mrs Doubtfire? A couple of things on my list for when I head back over: see Lombard St (that curvy windy street), the painted sisters (houses) we drove past them so it wasn’t enough time to see them long enough. There is a park across the road, so I’d love to sit there and take in the view. Eat at Ghirardelli and try the delicious sweet food they have to offer. Head back to Fishersman’s wharf and take it all in. the people, the scenery, the food. I would try a clam chowder again. I loved it!

Sydney: I have a bucket list item and it involves bridges. With only 3 in the world you can climb, 2 of them are in Australia. I’ve already done the Brisbane Storey Bridge Climb and being scared of heights, it wasn’t that bad. The other Bridge you can climb is in Auckland. 10606607_10154524690240523_2306269511898024432_n

Los Angeles: How cliché is this? There are still a couple of things I would like to cross off my list. See more of the walk of fame, get a photo with a celebrity, get photos with people who pretend to be celebrities for the sake of being a tourist, go on the star homes tour and see how big their houses really are, do more of the theme parks, check out Rodeo Drive and go back to the Santa Monica Pier.

Now onto the next part of this blog: Places I want to visit.

Greek Islands: At the top of my list, the Greek Islands have been a place I have been dreaming to visit since I don’t know how long. I’ve always just want to have an island escape even if it’s on the other side of the world. I want to see what everyone is talking about. The landscape, the buildings, the food and I also want to experience a donkey ride.

Ireland: “Ahh the luck of the irish!” This country just screams magical to me. I’m not sure whether it’s because you can dance with Leprechauns (after you’ve had a couple of pints), the 4 leaf clovers, and the beauty of the townships or the greenery. Why do you have to be so far away?

Canada: ok, so I’ll already be ticking this country off on my list of places I’ll be visiting this year, but that’s the east coast, and I also want to see the west coast. This trip is already working out to be a bit on the expensive side so that’s a whole other trip I’ll need to plan. From the snow capped mountains to seeing wild bears who wouldn’t want to see this country? My last trip to the snow was when I was about 3-4 year sold so I’m keen to see it again… maybe in Canada!

The rest of Australian’s Capitals – Hobart, Adelaide & Perth plus the Whitsundays: My bucket list is getting bigger by the year or with every visit I take or with every blog I read. But that’s good. And one of those items is to see all capitals of Australia. That would mean I’ve been to all 6 states and 1 territory. The Whitsundays look so amazing I can’t wait to get there, hang by the pool with a cocktail in hand looking out to the ocean. Doesn’t that sound like bliss to you too?

Japan: I LOVE SUSHI and I’m now more opened to the idea of going to different places with language barriers. When I was younger I wasn’t keen on the idea of travelling to non-English speaking places first, but having seen photos from fellow bloggers, my views have changed. Plus I’ve heard the Japanese are friendly.

Italy: Ok hands up? Who loves pizza, pasta, bread, wine or all of the above? I love love love my carbs! And of course my gelato. It’s ok to eat these things for breakfast right? I’m going to have to control myself when I get to Italy. With so much to see, Italy is in my top ten!

France: Aww the city of love. Or is it the city of lights? Oh well either name will be good enough for me to visit.

South Africa: I would love to do a safari and see the animals in the wild. It’s so sad to see animals cooped up in a zoo.

Antarctica:  One of the girls I follow on instagram and Facebook occasionally posts photos of her trip to the Antarctica. These photos just blew me away. All that ice and penguins! Yes please.

Pretty much all of Europe: back to the subject of Europe, may as well say most because I want to see most of it! Where is your dream destination and where have you already been that you want to go back and visit again?

Comment below. I’d like see where you’ve been.

Krista x


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