The Island of Childhood Memories

Today I’ll be writing a post about one of my favourite places on Earth. It means so much to me as it holds some of my precious childhood memories. In technical terms, it’s not an overseas destination, but one you get to by barge. I didn’t have to leave my country to visit this place and that’s what I love about it.

Most of you are probably trying to figure out which place I’m taking about and some of you may have already guessed.

Of course I’m talking about the largest sand island in the world – Fraser Island.

Located roughly about 4-6 hours from Brisbane (depending on what type of driver you are) Fraser Island has been my all time favourite childhood memory, along with a few others. This is where my family and my Uncle’s family use to come for our September school holidays. Ah to be young again and not have a care in the world. Enjoying the days where technology didn’t take over our lives.

So why am I blogging about Fraser Island? Because I felt it was time to reminisce my memories from yonder years and it’s somewhere I’m very fond of.

Out of 5-7 times I have set foot on Fraser Island, only once have I stayed in the resort – Kingfisher Bay Resort. All the other times have been in a tent. I loved it! Sleeping on a stretcher with the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. Who needs a snooze machine when you have the real deal?

Every time we visited my sister, cousins and I always had a blast hanging out. Running up and down the sand dunes, playing totem tennis, slime fights in one of the creeks we came across (yes we actually did that and it was amazing) and just running a muck.

Every day was filled with adventure. Most days were almost always different. With many landmarks/locations on Fraser Island I have many that are my favourite.

Driving through the rainforest, it was always nice to hear the birds chirping and hear the creeks flow once we got out of the car. It’s amazing how much vegetation there is on Fraser Island. Plus you’ve got to love the sand tracks. Very bumpy in some parts which makes the ride totally worth it. This usually sets me off in a giggling fit. I can’t help myself. Central Station is where you can venture off and walk down pathways and check out some old machinery they used on the islands back in the day.

Another favourite place is Lake McKenzie. With white sand and crystal clear blue water covering over 150 hectares; this is my favourite watering hole. You could spend at least a day here, enjoying the sun, the water and even taking down a ball to throw or kick around with. This lake never disappoints me, in fact every time I’ve visited my face just lights up with excitement and I’m just so happy I’ve arrived here again.

One place you must visit, are the champagne pools. For a relaxing swim in the salt water, you can see the waves crash against the rocks when they hit. A beautiful little oasis located near Indian Head. This is the only safe place to swim in salt water as there is danger when swimming out on the beach. Fraser Island is 123 kilometres which makes it hard for the beach line to be patrolled, unexpected rips which can drag you out to sea, stingers and sharks.

Indian Head – the lookout point at Fraser. Now this is definitely worth the trip up. Stunning views as far as the eye can see. On my last trip we didn’t get a chance to visit this iconic lookout point. But from memory I loved it. During the right seasons you may even get to see some sea life out and about including humpback whales.

The Maheno – Now this is a shipwreck which got stuck on the sand over 100 years ago. Amazingly some of it still lying on the beach. This may look like a playground for children but you’re advised not to go in it as it’s not safe.  If you’re a photographer you’ll be able to catch the beauty of this ship in all different angles. I had fun taking photos when I visited and I just loved how I captured it.

Eli Creek – want to go for a swim in freshwater? Eli is one of the creeks that you can swim in. This one is also the most popular with tourists coming and going enjoying the water and the boardwalk through the Banksia. If the boardwalk doesn’t appeal to you, enjoy the walk in the creek itself. For a little bit of fun, find slime and have a slime fight with your friends and/or family. we use to do this all the time and had a ball with it.

I loved my recent trip to Fraser Island when I went there four and a half years ago for my cousin’s wedding. It was the perfect four days to spend with my family and I can’t wait to visit again in the near future… I’m hoping soon.


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