What Should I Pack?

With a big 5 week holiday coming up in a couple of weeks, I am starting to get a little more excited. If I could have my bags packed now, I would! But I need most of that stuff for the everyday life I lead.

 When it comes to travel, we think we need to take everything! This is not the case. When travelling, you want to bring as little as possible with you. I usually find that some items of clothing I bring, I never wear which is a waste of luggage space. Over the last couple of months I have found that my style is starting to mature with a lot of basic clothing.

 Luggage tips:

– Take simple clothing. It never goes out of date and it’ll look good in photos. Over the years I have bought tops that I can only wear with one other piece of clothing. It’s a waste of money so I now go more for block colours and plain looking clothing I can dress up or down. It’s ok to go for that top that has green and blue through it but make sure it matches up with something else.

– Pack comfy shoes. This is an absolute must. You don’t want to be walking around a huge city in heels and then being off your feet for a day or so. Comfort is the new style for me. People may look chic in their photos, but it’s not all about trying to look your best. For my trip to America, I’ll be packing a pair of thongs (flip-flops) just to slip on, pair of sandals which I must say are the comfiest pair I have ever worn, a pair of sketcher’s for long days on my feet and maybe the odd hiking trail and a pair of enclosed flats to wear out at night.

– Pack a hat. Now I got this tip from another blogger and she puts her hat in her luggage, stuffs it with clothes to help keep the shape. Brilliant idea. This is also good for days you’re having a bad hair day and for those long days under the sun. Protection is also a key style.

– Ok so I wear glasses, as most of you know, so my prescription sunglasses come with me everywhere, but I also pack a pair of non-prescription ones because if I decide to wear my contacts, then I have them with me.

– Roll your clothes or just space saver bags. Both of these options help with the amount of space you have to play with. I prefer to roll my clothes, because it’s easier to get them out and most of them aren’t crinkled.

– Stuff any socks, underwear in your shoes or in little areas between your clothes. Another space saver idea.

– To keep all your chargers in one area, place them in a Ziploc bag or just a small bag. To help with the tangling tie them up with a rubber band or something similar. A lot of chargers these days have USB ports, so why not looking into buying a multi USB port to be able to charge your electronics. Also keep your power adaptors with your chargers too. It’s also best to label them so you know which one belongs to where.

– If you’re a woman and like makeup, keep it to a bare minimum. I usually just use powder foundation, concealer, a bit of blush and mascara for everyday use. Most of the time I will only wear that, but I also like to bring an eye pencil, lip-gloss and liquid foundation for nights out on the town. Don’t forget the brushes.

– Swimwear. I, myself, prefer a one piece. So I’ll usually wear that. I do however like to pack the bikini, but for space, think about which one you’ll wear most and go from there. Another tip. Towels take up too much space. If you prefer to use a towel, take one (hotels usually have them too) but also look into getting a micro towel. Much smaller and easy to pack away. Also pack some sunscreen too.

We’re all entitled to bring carryon luggage. But be aware of the weight. Some airlines I know have decreased the amount for domestic flights.

The must have items on board with you:

– Your electronics. Whether it is your camera/s, laptop, phone, iPod etc. Make sure you bring them with you. This is just a safe way to make sure they make the trip with you. I’m packing my Sony MP3 Walkman, my 3, yes 3 cameras, and of course my phone on board.

– A scarf. The air-conditioning inside the aircraft can get a big cooler. The staff usually put blankets on your seats but for me it’s awkward just having that over me plus the scarf.

– Headphones. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT leave these behind. You don’t want to upset your neighbour by listening to music/movie without headphones. Everyone deserves a peaceful journey.

– An empty water bottle. This is so when I go through customs, I can fill it on up and bring it on board. Plus this also saves you some $$$.

– A book to read. To help the time pass because who wants to be bored on a long haul flight.

– Toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup wipes, moisturizer and basic makeup. You want to feel refreshed when you get off the plane.

– And extra set of clothes, in case the worse happens.

– Compression Stockings. I used these on my first long haul trip to the States in 2013. Just as a precaution but I will still be packing those.

– Travel Journal & pen. Every blogger needs one to jot down their feelings, their day etc. I got mine for Christmas last year so I can’t wait to finally use it!

– All of your documents. Including the copies. Also email copies to your family/friends so at least they know where you are etc.

– Don’t forget some snack food too. Just make sure they are suitable to bring on board.

Sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t. if you guys have any tips, share them below. I’d love to hear some of them.



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