Why I Decided To Travel Solo

“Why I Decided To Travel Solo…”

I decided to travel because I wanted to step out of my shell and experience what the world has to offer. People have always told me I live in people’s shadows and that I’m not being the person I could be.

I was still that shy person not living my life to the fullest. So what did I do? I booked a Contiki trip and headed to New Zealand. The reason why I chose New Zealand was because it was closer to home for me (only being a 3 hour flight away). I didn’t think this trip would change me but it did.

I grew so much from this trip it’s unbelievable. And I know people question “how do you think you’ve changed?” but it’s hard to come up with a suitable answer. I just know I feel the change within me. Some people can even just look at your and see a change in you without saying anything. Yes I may still a bit shy, but when you push yourself to do things such as deciding to go on a holiday without knowing a soul, book flights, tours, you are taking a leap of faith but with doing that you can meet and make some wonderful friends that remain long after the trip. Some people find it hard to approach others. For me, I found it really easy to make new friends.

That’s why I decided to book my next holiday back to the states to meet up with friends I had made on my recent trip in September last year. Out of the entire 5 weeks I’m be over there, there will only be about a day and a half where I’ll be by myself which I’m totally okay with. I believe this is pushing my limits to see how I go so that when I do decide to do another holiday I can go longer with being by myself.FB_IMG_1424580227119

I had previously printed out the itinerary for New Zealand and highlighted the optional activities I wanted to do/see. Some of these were out of this world for me but I did them (minus the skydive). During my research on New Zealand I came across a travel blogger and watched all her videos as she was doing the tour I was doing. She had just done the AJ Hackett bungee and since I’m scared of heights I thought “why the hell not?” When you watch someone do it, it looks easy but let me tell you, getting up on that platform, I didn’t want to jump. I freaked myself out and had to walk back off the platform. This was an issue. Since I had already paid to do it, I had too. Otherwise you don’t get your money back. The instructor talked me through it and calmed me down and as he was speaking I could hear my Contiki peeps chanting my name “Krista, Krista, Krista…”

I also had my bus driver, Pumba, with me telling me it’d be fine. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have done the jump in the first place. In the meantime a ten year old boy had just jumped off. Great, how good would it look if I went back to my group knowing I didn’t jump?

I decided to get on my feet, hop over to the ledge and jump. The instructor was kind enough to offer his self help services and I said yes. He literally pushed me off the platform. This is an experience I will never forget or ever do again. I believe in doing things once. Holidays really do change you if you choose to get out of your comfort zone.

Doing things solo can be just as fun as doing them with someone else. I had also done the canyon swing with one of the girls because I had that I’ve-done-Bungee-I-can-do-this attitude. It was one of the best things I had done in my life because I thought this was going to easy and it sort of was. I’m just glad I go Bungee out of the way first. The only thing I regret from this trip was not being able to do the skydive I had told myself I would do. Bungee had freaked me out a little so I changed my mine and said no.

So far from all my trips I have done so much exploring, met new friends, seen different locations and experienced their culture. I am in love with travel!


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