Why We Should Take A Vay-Cay

Holidays were created for a reason. To take a break. Not just from our work lives but also our lives at home and/or from study. People have told me I’m on holidays all the time. This is not the case. For starters, I only get 4 week paid leave a year like most full time workers. So if I want a little mini getaway I will usually have a day off before or after the weekend. Yes I have probably spent way too much money on plane ticket instead of saving for my future but I’m ok with that. Travel is sort of my guilty pleasure.

So here are some reasons why we should take a holiday:

  • It gets us out of our own city. A chance to explore the unknown and create a new adventure. Even if you can’t afford an overly big trip, plan a small trip. Can be overseas or even in your own country.
  • Social Media takes a rest too. Ok so this doesn’t apply if you’re in your own country (except for the “Middle-Of-No-Where” destinations) but more so for when you’re travelling overseas. With my upcoming trip back to America and Canada my social media accounts will be limited and will only be updated when I get the chance to connect to WIFI when it’s available. Sorry parentals, you’re just going to have to be patient with my updates 😉
  • It helps to de stress. I am not someone who handles stress very well. By taking a holiday it helps reduce my stress levels that I come back feeling like a new person and yes, people have told me I looked very relaxed after a holiday. Who wouldn’t be?
  • If we worked every single day life just wouldn’t be as exciting. Life isn’t about working 24/7, 7 days a week. Nowadays most people are too over worked. This affects your health, family life, social life and your work life. You are entitled to your days off so why not take them?
  • When booking a holiday you can look at all the activities that are on offer and do them? When would you do them if you were at home? I’d say never.
  • It’s a time to let loose and not worry about things back home. A good excuse to go out and enjoy yourself and life. Because you only live once.

When’s you’re next Vay-Cay? Or where do you want to holiday next?

Krista x


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