What to Do In The Outback: Australia Edition

This comes as no surprise but the Northern Territory have a wide range of activities to do while visiting the Top End. I was lucky enough to have someone organise these activities for me as I did a Contiki Tour last year.

If you’re planning a trip to the NT sometime soon in your life, or haven’t even thought about it, here are my top things I recommend to do/see.

1. See Uluru. Of course this beautiful rock is at the top of the list. Higher than the Eiffel Tower and 10.6km around, you have to see Uluru when you visit. I recommend seeing this during sunrise and sunset as the rock changes colour. View it from the air or on the ground. I chose a helicopter flight and it was amazing. You truly don’t know how big it is until you see it with you’re own eyes.


2. Flight over Kakadu. This day was a great day, not only because it was my birthday but because I saw what I felt like was our grand canyon of Australia. I was a tad disappointed because we flew when the morning was a little hazy. It wasn’t until towards the end of our time in air did it start clearing up. But over all it was still a beautiful sight to see.


3. Visit the Katherine Gorge. I had been told to do the cruise when I visited Katherine and boy am I glad I did. A 1-2 hour cruise on the Gorge was so peaceful. Quietness filled the gorge and you could only hear the boat and people chattering away. The perfect opportunity to take it all in. We had to take two boats as the river levels weren’t high enough. With just a short walk away we were back on the boat and enjoying the view. This was a hot day so make sure you pack some water, a hat and something light to wear if you’re visiting in the warmer months.

4. Hot Air Balloon Ride in Alice Springs. Since my first attempt to go on a Hot Air Balloon failed in Phoenix, I ticked this box straight away on my list. Wide plains far and wide this was just magical. We saw the sun rise and wild horses. A perfect end to our time in the Outback.


5. Visit the Overlander Steak House in Alice Springs. If you’re a foreigner and a non Vegetarian this is the chance for you to taste some Australian Meat – Emu, Kangaroo, Crocodile and Camel. Camel by far was my favourite!

6. Visit Litchfield National Park. I only visited Florence Falls and was amazed by it. Fresh water cascading down the rock wall, People jumping off the rock and into the water, the area surrounding it – it was it’s own oasis. One I didn’t want to leave. Make sure you check out other parts of the national park as I’ve heard they are just as nice.


7. Mataranka Thermal Pools. An hours drive from Katherine, this little spot is so tranquil that you’ll never want to leave. Be sure to spend more than an hour here as that was all the time we had. The water temperature is at a warm 34 degrees and are so clear you can see the bottom.


8. Kings Canyon Rim Walk. Probably the only hike I have ever really done and I’m happy this was my first. 500 steps up a steep incline you’ll reach the top and witness stunning 180 degree views . This took us around about 2 and a half hours so be sure to wear good walking shows and a lot of water if you’re doing this during the hotter months.


9. Ubirr. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I felt like I was in Pride Rock from “The Lion King”.  Stunning View across the plains. This day we also got to see some rock art done by the Aboriginals many many years ago.

I hope this posts persuades you to come and see the Centre of Australia. I certainly wasn’t disappointed from this trip.

What are some of the things you want to see or have done?


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