Adventure: Bungee!!!!

 30 Minutes Later…

It was roughly four days into our tour through New Zealand when we made our way into Queenstown. This was my first Contiki tour and I had told myself and my friends that was I going to cross almost everything on the list of things I wanted to achieve while in New Zealand. Little did I know that the Bungee Jump would be my first adrenaline activity I’d be crossing off.

Sure enough it looked easy as 1,2,3, but let me tell you something as soon as you get up on the platform (I’m scared of heights) it so different compared to being on the viewing platform.

I hesitated for a little bit, knowing full well aware that once I had paid that $180 NZD and signed that paper that there would be no going back. I had an enormous amount of support from my fellow Contiki members and more from my Manager and Bus Driver.

Once I had paid my bus driver and I made the gut wrenching walk to the jump. He was with me all the way and if he wasn’t there with me, I wouldn’t have jumped. He encouraged me to do a once in a lifetime activity (unless you’re an adrenaline junky). Walking over the bridge, my nervous started to show and I knew I didn’t want to do it. Too late now I told myself.

I jumped down to the sitting area just near the jumping platform where the guy strapped me up. This was it. Once I was all tied up correctly I made my way to the ledge. The first thing I did was look down. Bad idea. I freaked. I stood there for a good couple of minutes trying to work up the courage to jump but I couldn’t. I told the instructor and he helped me back off the ledge.

He told me it was safe and that nothing bad was going to happen. In the meantime, a 10 year old kid had jumped so if I had not of jumped I would have looked like a total baby. I also heard my contiki friends chanting my name. All of my other contiki friends who jumped had no problems with it and made it look so easy.

So I got up and went back to the ledge. For a little bit of help I asked the instructor if he could push me off. He hip thrusted me and soon after I was off the ledge. That moment my feet  left the platform I felt like a ragdoll going up and down. I also touched the water, wrist deep, and I didn’t even realise until I was told.

Once I had stopped all the bouncing around it was time to grab the pole the guys in the boat had. That was a hard task in itself because everything is different upside down. I finally got it and got untied in the boat and make the hike but up to viewing ledge.

This give me so many butterflies in my stomach and I’m glad I did the 43M jump.  Now that I have crossed this off my bucket list I’m glad to say I won’t be doing it anytime soon.

My bungee experience was done with AJ Hackett Kawarau Bridge and all opinions are my own. Photos courtesy of AJ Hackett.

Have you doing Bungee?AJHK_20120316_6d0f922b-cbec-4b19-9cbd-b13dc1c114db AJHK_20120316_7b5b4e1f-00c7-407b-9d42-44e544109437 AJHK_20120316_9b59e51c-67d4-49e0-b354-75af2dfc6b05 AJHK_20120316_3bf99837-e675-4dd9-961b-25daf653025a AJHK_20120316_931d6692-75da-4105-9d22-0568177dae40


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