Photo Diary: New Zealand’s Bay of Islands

   The Bay of Islands is located in the North Island of New Zealand, a 4 hour drive approximately from Auckland. Here you’ll find peacefulness, beauty, tranquillity and adventure. We had 2 days of relaxation during our stay and it was one to remember.

Here I chose to do the parasailing as I had never done it before. Scared of heights I really enjoyed myself and happy to say I would do it again. This was the perfect location to parasail as you saw islands from above and ships down below. We also got to spend half the day on a yacht where we sailed in between the islands and a dolphin cruise where some people took the opportunity to swim the dolphins.

So here are some photos from my time in the Bay of Islands – a beautiful spot to visit.FB_IMG_1430977733256 FB_IMG_1430977717299 FB_IMG_1430977785567 FB_IMG_1430977770526

FB_IMG_1430977697255FB_IMG_1430977724615 FB_IMG_1430977772996 FB_IMG_1430977795301 FB_IMG_1430977801831 FB_IMG_1430977804144 FB_IMG_1430977816323 FB_IMG_1430977821894 FB_IMG_1430977856884


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