What I Love About Australia

As an Australian I must admit, Australia is pretty amazing. I’m not here to boast about living in the best country in the world, even though we’re probably not far from that title but I’m blogging to talk about why I love it so much.

Australia is known for its beautiful beaches, laid back people, incredible cities and so much more. So below are a few things I love about my country.

The Beaches. Let’s start with the obvious. The beaches here are amazing anywhere you look or visit. Living in a city that is in the middle of 2 popular coast destinations it’s great to just drive an hour or 2 and relax and enjoy the beach feel. Depending on the time you visit Australia, you may even see a pod of whales making their way to warmer waters during the cooler months. We have plenty of Whale Watching tours so make sure you look into that before you come over. It’s amazing to see the whales and other sea life creatures in their natural habitats. A few of the beaches I’d love to visit are St Kilda Beach, Brighton Beach – both in Victoria, Visit Bondi and Byron Bay again and adding Manly to my list in New South Wales, See some of the beaches in Western Australia, and in particular the Whitsundays in Queensland.

20141013_121201The cities. Each city I have visited – Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Darwin – and yes I’m putting Cairns in this list all have a different feel about them. As far as Melbourne and Sydney go, Brisbane seems more relaxed along with Canberra, our Nation’s Capital. And Darwin has a relaxed outback feel to it. I love Melbourne for the cafes, the graffiti lanes, the trams they still use, and the fact that it’s only an hour away from where my family are based. If you want to be in the Hustle and Bustle, Sydney is the best place to be – a true city experience.

Bridges. In the whole world, Australia has 2 of the 3 bridges you can climb. The Sydney Harbour and the Storey Bridge in Brisbane – which I did last year. Even if you’re scared of heights like me, I still recommend doing the climbs. You’re in a harness and on a chain connecting to the bridge. The tour guides give you history of the city and the bridge themselves. The other Bridge you can climb in the world is in Auckland, New Zealand. Read here for things to do in Brisbane.

10606607_10154524690240523_2306269511898024432_nThe Scenery/Sights. Australia has some of the best scenery in the world. Of course the beaches, but also the view from a seaplane/helicopter over the Great Barrier Reef, the redness when visiting rural Australia, Uluru & the Olgas, The Sydney Harbour, The Storey Bridge with Brisbane city behind it, the rainforests, the Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road and many more. I did a road trip from Canberra to Brisbane a few years back headed along the coast line. This road trip was by far the best compared to going inland like I have done with my parents when I was younger.


The Flights. Most flights leaving from Brisbane will get you to another capital city within a couple of hours. Brisbane to Sydney = approx. over 1 hour. Brisbane to Melbourne = approx. 2 hours. Brisbane to Cairns = approx. 2 hours. Brisbane to Adelaide = approx. 3 hours along. Brisbane to Darwin = approx. 4 hours and Brisbane to Perth = approx. 5-6 hours being the longest flight from the East to West Coast.

The people. I have heard on numerous occasions that Australian’s are some of the nice people you will come across. We’re very laid back and most people will help you if you ask them, nicely. I know I’m always willing to help someone out if I can. I have friends all over the world now, so if they want their own personal guide through Brisbane and maybe even some other capital cities, I’d be happy to go with them (depending on my funds). One of my American friends said that if it wasn’t for me her trip wouldn’t have been as good which makes me feel good that if you’re willing to help people out, it can make their holiday that little bit better and the same can happen in return.


The Weather. Ok so we can get some pretty nasty storms around Australia including cyclones up north and north easterly and on the western coast. Some places in Australia get really humid heat and some get dry heat (which I prefer) but all year round the sunshine outweighs the rainy days. Be prepared when visiting Australia during the summer months as you can get burned very easily.


What do you love about Australia? Or your own Country?

Krista x


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