Why I Decided to Venture to the East Coast of North America

Do we all really need a reason to visit two of the most visited countries in the world, America & Canada? I didn’t think so but after thinking to myself about this holiday a lot I thought I’d share with you why I decided to visit. Not only will I be visiting the city where dreams are made of, I thought I would visit more of North America.

Reason #1: visiting New York City is travel’s version of a “rite of passage”. This is a city that you must visit in your life at least once. Of course I haven’t experienced it myself but from what I have been told, New York City has plenty to offer from Broadway, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge and more. This is one city I can’t wait to cross off my list. I’m also excited about taking photos of New York City as you always see photos from other travel bloggers but will be good to experience it in your own way.

Reason #2: Once a year I try my best to plan to go somewhere I’ve never been before and even though I have touched American Soil before that was only on the West Coast – Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas – just to name a few.

Reason #3: I love to travel, I mean who doesn’t? So venturing off to a different place once a year gives me greater excitement than eating a bar of chocolate and well if you know me, I’m a chocoholic so that’s saying something.

Reason #4: Last year when I travelled through the Outback with Contiki, I became close friends with an American – Sarah, and while I visit the land of the Free it’ll be her birthday. Yes I planned for that to happen. Not only will I be spending her birthday with her, but also her family and I’ll be spending time with her for a couple of days. We are both so excited and can’t wait to do day trips and experience an American Sport together.

Reason #5: I’ve always wanted to go and see Canada and since making new friends who are Canadian I thought I would visit them also. It’s not what you know; it’s who you know, which brings me to my next point…

Reason #6: I am spending two and a half weeks with someone I met for only 2 minutes on the gold coast. Travel creates new friendships you never thought were possible. We talk every day and speak about our adventure together, yes we have planned everything, and we have been counting down the days since I booked my plane ticket back in November.

Reason #7: Travelling anywhere overseas gets you out of your current situation back at home and even though I need a break from the daily routine, I’ll miss my friends and family, but this trip is bigger and hopefully better than expected and I can’t wait to go on holidays.

Reason #8: There are plenty of things to see in each state I visit and I’m looking forward to taking more photos and being able to write about my adventures. Be sure to keep your eye out for photos.

Reason #9: I also decided to do this all myself, with no tours and no help from a travel agent, only with friends. So this will be an experience in itself as I have only ever done tours while overseas and 1 in the Outback.

Reason #10: There is just too much to see in America and Canada alone hence why I decided to do another trip back to North America. If you’re interested in where I’m going, read here to find out some basic information.

I have a number of things I’m looking forward to but more importantly I’m excited to see everyone again. It’s only been 7 months but it feels like it’s been forever.

Krista x


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