Vlog: My First Travel Video

What does this 4 minute video contain, you may ask. Read on to find out.

So for a while now I have been watching vlogs and have come to like them, especially travelling ones. For months now I have been following a vlogging couple, Flying the Nest, who are embarking on a years travel to places all around the world and they entered a competition with Covermore Travel Insurance. This video is what inspired me to create my own plus it won them a $10,000 holiday! Check it out below.

 After watching this video, plus their daily vlogs, it made me want to do something similar. Most of the footage in my video is from my recent trip to America/Canada as i had planned to take more videos this trip and put them together. But you’ll also see snippets from my Outback Holiday last year, New Zealand and America the first time round. My first ever video and I know a lot needs to be done for future ones, but check it out below. I hope you enjoy.

Krista x


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