Adventure: Hiking A Glacier

If there ever was a day I felt like a true explorer it was this day! FB_IMG_1438924002494  FB_IMG_1438924048302

In all my years I never thought I’d get the chance to hike up some ice and that day arrived as I ventured around New Zealand with Contiki. Franz Josef, located in the South Island was the place to experience this. They say “Ain’t no mountain high enough” but in this case, it was “Ain’t no glacier high enough”. If I could have had it my way I would have passed the guide and hiked all the way to the top. Yes I loved it that much! This was such an amazing experience and one of the highlights from my trip.



Some of our group opted for the heli-hike – take a helicopter to the top and hike around, I on the other hand went with the hiking option with a few others from the group. With either option you’ll still be blown away. Our hike took approximately 2 hours including the safety briefing we had to go through first where the heli-hike took about 3 hours.

FB_IMG_1438924045813 FB_IMG_1438924031397 FB_IMG_1438924037156

Using our crampons and hiking poles, we made our way up the glacier and while I thought I would struggle with the hike, I actually found it pretty easy. I was eager to get up there and see the glacier for myself. I mean it’s not every day you get to hike something so gigantic. We explored a couple of ice caves and this was the perfect opportunity to grab some photos

. FB_IMG_1438924061949  FB_IMG_1438924057177 FB_IMG_1438924040622


This was a an activity I didn’t want to end. I’d be happy to do it again but maybe next time in another country.

Krista x 


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