Photo Diary: In Love With A Desert Town…



When I saw our map of all the places we were visiting on our Wild Western tour I noticed that there was a small rest stop before we arrive at the Grand Canyon. The township was Sedona. What could one expect from this little desert town?

Driving into Sedona for our small three hour break the scenery was breathtakingly beautiful. Rocking up to Sedona, pun intended, the backdrop looked fake and I felt like I was in a Wild Western Movie. I became jealous of the locals who live here. Red Rock Mountains as far as the eye can see. Three hours simply wasn’t enough time to explore Sedona. This little town definitely had that desert charm to it. Hot and sunny and it was a perfect day for some amazing ice-cream.

During the three hour stopover we indulged in some American Food for lunch before most of the group went on a 4WD guided tour through the mountains leaving the rest of us to explore what the main street has to offer. Cute little boutique shops along with restaurants and cafes some offering the perfect backdrop to enjoy your time there – the mountains in all their glory. Our guide told us that if you look closely there is part of the rocks that look like snoopy lying down and looking up at the sky. The best viewing point for this is from the Canyon Breeze Restaurant. Have some lunch and enjoy that spectacular view!


The Snoopy Rock just above my head in the photo below. FB_IMG_1438912602905

FB_IMG_1438912600236 FB_IMG_1438912591474 FB_IMG_1438912585976 FB_IMG_1438912790373 FB_IMG_1438912605373 FB_IMG_1438912787640

Krista x


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