I Have an Instagram Addiction

Instagram came into our digital lives in 2010 and it has never been the same since. I would happily say I have an “Instagram addiction” like most people around the world and that’s ok.

I’m on my phone more than half the time viewing my Instagram newsfeed and posting my own photos. You see, Instagram is place to share photos and short videos allowing people to like your posts and feel like they are a part of your digital world. It now has to be one of my favourite go-to-apps to use.

So why do I love using it? Well it gives you the chance to showcase what you like, what you do, where you travel, your weekends doing what you love AND foodporn just to name a few. Its a social community that people love being a part of. And it’s great for those people who want to share their lives through the app. It has also been a starting platform for some people who have created their blogs, vlogs and more. I know it has been one for me.

I have come across some amazing people, who I now follow; feeling inspired just looking at their amazing photos. I am following just under 1000 people and after seeing some their photos I have now added places to my list where I’d like to visit that I never even thought of.

Here are a few people I follow:

Brooke from @worldwanderlust

Jessica from @heyitsjessvalentine

Steven from @sparrystake

Nicola from @polkadotpassport

Jessie from @24_wanderlust

I created @kristaswanderingfootprints to be one of those people that inspire others. The world is an amazing place. You just have to go out there and see it for yourself.

Who inspires you and who do you follow on Instagram?

 Krista x


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