The Stunning Niagara Falls: Canada Edition

As soon I as had seen a photo of the falls a couple of years ago (I had taken more of an interest in travelling then) I just knew I had to add them to my list of iconic places to see.

20150530_132042 20150530_133044

With a couple of famous falls I have on my list, I was excited to be crossing off Niagara Falls; finally.

As soon as you step up to the fence, it’s a moment that takes your breath away as you witness the water cascading over the edge creating a wonderful mist that hits your skin leaving you feeling refresh. Perfect for those hot summer visits and in my case, it was.


I had heard from numerous people saying that viewing the falls from the Canadian side was better than seeing it from the American side and boy were they right. You get the full frontal view of the falls and you get to see how magnificent they are in all their glory.

My favourite part of the day however was going on the Horn Blower and experiencing the falls up close and personal. The best advantage point is experiencing it from the top deck. I mean who wouldn’t want to get mist-ified from the famous Niagara Falls? An experience I will never forget as I got to share this moment with my friends I made on my outback tour.




We opted for the Adventure Pass package deal where we got to experience the falls in 4 different ways – the Horn Blower of course, the Journey behind the falls where you can walk through tunnels and see the falls up close, walking along the boardwalk and witnessing the ever-so fast moving white rapids and Niagara’s Fury giving you the history and showing how Niagara was formed with a moving platform, snow fall and water.

20150530_183707 20150530_185727 20150530_185857 20150530_182316

If you have some free time, head up to Clifton Ave also known as “Fun Street”. I like to think of it as an arcade house that expands an entire street. You’ll also find plenty of places to enjoy all types of food, novelty stores and more.


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