What Delicacies to Try: Canada Edition

When we visit a new destination we can’t wait to explore all the wonderful sites surrounding the unfamiliar area. Another part of venturing off and experiencing something completely different is trying to the local cuisine. DSCN4144

This is what travelling is all about. Making sure you experience and taste everything that is new to you. It’s what fills our hearts up with excitement, the need of longing to see something so wonderfully different and give our tastebuds a taste of it too.

If you are planning a visit the land of the Maple Leaf there are few types of foods you need to add to your list of things to taste. And while you may feel your arteries clogging up while trying these different foods it will definitely be worth it. When you’re on holiday its ok to indulge in foreign foods that you wouldn’t get to try back at home. Just don’t eat too much of the sweet treats. Especially the ones below.  Here is the list of foods I tried when I took a trip to Canada.

I’ll start off with my favourite, one I could eat again and again as I’m a lover of sweet food – the Beavertail! Some Canadians call it Elephant Ears so if you hear a local referring it as that, you know they are talking about the beavertail.  The beavertail is a sweet treat and quiet a big one. But you can definitely polish one off yourself. A fried dough pastry that is shaped to look like a beaver’s tail. They offer a number of different toppings to enjoy it with. I went for the Nutella and Banana beavertail as I LOVE (actually that’s an understatement) chocolate! On my next visit to Canada I will be sure to go in search of another one.

DSCN4140 DSCN4143 

For something completely opposite to the beavertail, try a Montreal smoked meat sandwich. The name is pretty self explanatory; a sandwich loaded with smoked meat. It also comes with yellow mustard, if you like mustard. This was a huge sandwich, one I COULD NOT finish! We tried ours at Schwartz’s. PS: don’t you just love my expression? Clearly I was too excited to try this!


One thing you need to make sure you try is “something with maple” because Canada is known for its maple. We stopped off at Les Delices de L’Erable for dessert and picked up ice-cream in a cup. My flavour was Nutella (see, again with the chocolate) and maple. This was so yummy!


Moving onto another savoury delight – poutine. Say what?! Yes that was my response too. It’s not as bad as it sounds and most Canadians eat this. An enjoyable meal that will wow your tastebuds. Fries, cheese curds and gravy – need I say more. And I will advise you that when you’re heading to North America, prepare yourself for large meals. Majority of my meals I ate through my entire time I did not finish.


Onto another sweet treat, try a butter tart. A crumbly delight that will leave a buttery taste in your mouth. Again the one I got was chocolate (wow that’s 3 times I have said chocolate in this blog) and coconut.


Ahhh, now my mouth is watering after writing this blog. What are some Canadian foods you’ve tried? Comment below.


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