A BIG Thank You!

“A Journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles” – Tim Cahill.

When we go in search of new adventure we also meet new friends along the way. This time last year I had decided to venture through a part of my own country. It left me with some incredible new memories and of course friends who I never thought I’d see again so soon after that trip. I’m always thinking of things to write on my blog and one thought occurred to me today. So this blog post is a BIG thank you to everyone I had the pleasure of meeting again and meeting for the first time and for making my time in North America worthwhile!

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If I hadn’t of done the Outback holiday I wouldn’t have met my new friends and the memories we made together wouldn’t exist. Man, I’m glad I took the bullet and holidayed last year as I had mentioned before in a previous blog that last year was meant to be a year of saving. Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Before the holiday started I befriended a girl; Sarah, via the Contiki Website who was travelling Australia hoping to find a job. She is an American who happened to be staying on the Gold Coast. Great! Not so far away from me and she was also doing the Outback Adventure Tour I had booked too. We clicked and ended up spending as much time together as we could before she left to move back home at the end of Oct 2014.

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By the time the two weeks of bussing around the dessert ended with this group of lovely foreigners, I instantly felt they had become family. I was devastated when I had to fly back to reality but found out they would be coming down to the Gold Coast the weekend after, so we made plans to spend some more time together along with Sarah and our friend, Kurt. They had picked up a few more travellers heading down from Cairns to Sydney. With a couple of nights down at the Gold Coast I also met Adam also from America. We spoke briefly for a couple of minutes in a nightclub and that was that.

Thanks to our mutual friends via face book I found him and we started talking on a daily basis. Two months after the Outback trip, I booked a return airfare to New York’s JFK for a 5 week North American adventure. Seven months couldn’t come fast enough. You see, this would be the first time Adam and I would spend more than 5 minutes together. Some people were concerned because I didn’t know him well, but I was excited to spend two weeks with him. We both were.

2015-07-28 13.51.35 FB_IMG_1441773722165

I spent 8 days exploring parts of the Eastern side of Canada where I met up with 3 girls and a couple. All Canadians and all willing to show me their country. It felt like the Outback holiday had only just ended one month prior to my visit to Canada.

So below are my thanks to everyone involved:

Sarah: If it weren’t for you, my weekends after the Outback would have been average. We did things I hadn’t even done in Brisbane. We have made so many memories. I loved it that we climbed the Storey Bridge together, did a road trip to Byron Bay, took plenty of photos, and had girl’s nights, visited Brisbane City/Southbank and so much more. Our holiday through the outback was something else! We clicked and I instantly felt like you were my sister from another mister. I love it how we email on a weekly basis and I’m so thankful that you and your family allowed me into your home. Your parents made me feel like I was a part of your family for the entire duration of my stay. Thank you for introducing Hallie and Kayla to me. They are both lovely girls and I’m glad you have people like that in your life over there. It was truly an awesome 5 days spent with my gal. A baseball game, shopping, your birthday, soccer game, Stan Hywet, Put-In Bay. I loved every day spent with you! I look forward to seeing you again hopefully in the near future. I want to see snow, so I’ll come for a visit when it’s Winter!

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20150604_134524 20150606_120520

Kat & Dan: “How ‘bout that moose ‘ey?” Thank you so much for taking me and the girls under your roof for the 4 days we spent in St Catharine’s! It was awesome to see you two lovebirds again! Thank you for showing me parts of your country that I’d never thought I’d get to see. Your family is amazing and so accommodating.

Kat, what you said last year has really stuck with me “You can always make money but you can’t always make memories”. Thank you for saying that as I now want to make as many memories I can. I’m glad I got to make some Canadian memories with you, Dan and the girls! If you’re ever over here again let me know!


Leah, Sarah & Jen: You girls do not know how thankful I am that you all met up with me in Montreal! That first afternoon/morning by myself wasn’t that enjoyable after what I had been through the day before. Having you all there made the trip so much better. I loved our adventures strolling up Mont Royal, trying beaver tails and everything else we ate, seeing Old Port, experiencing Toronto for 3 hours etc! It really was an awesome 7 days spent with your girls! I’m so glad we could all meet up in Canada! I hope one day we can all meet up again somewhere else in the world or back in Canada. Your friendships mean so much to me and I miss you girls so much. Now can I please have another one of those Daiquiris oh and some Timmy’s? Thanks 😉

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And finally;

Adam: where on earth do I start? Who would have thought that after meeting at a Gold Coast night club for a couple of minutes I’d be coming to visit you? Still my favourite story of how we met. I’ll start by saying thank you for allowing me to stay with you in your apartment for the 10 nights we had in New Jersey. Thank you for coming with me to Disneyworld, Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia, and Jersey Shore. It’s always good to share moments like these and I’m glad I got to share them with you. Thank you for showing me parts of your city that I know you had already done on many occasions. We did a lot of firsts together and I wouldn’t change it for the world. It would have had to have been the best two weeks of my life. Two weeks I would love to re-live over and over again and will hold close to my heart for many years. Thank you for introducing me to your amazing friends! It was fun getting to know you all and spend the day with you exploring Brooklyn! I look forward to revisiting the city that never sleeps and I hope I get to see you and your friends again one day soon.

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Love you all! Krista x

Photos have also been taken by People mention in the post.


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