Sydney Weekend Away

By the time 4.30pm hit the clock on Friday afternoon I was out of work like a bullet being shot by a gun. I was way too excited for the weekend ahead and with so much planned I just wanted to get to Sydney. My bags were packed and I was ready! I’ve been to Sydney a number of times now, but this time I was even more excited to go. I would be spending my birthday down there with my friend, Jess.

The flight went quicker than expected and before I knew it, I was in Sydney.  Arriving at 10pm at night we headed to Jess’s house where we watched some TV while stuffing my face with chocolate she had bought for me. Such a sweetheart. We stayed up until midnight hit and it was my birthday and then hit the pillow to get some shut eye.

Over the past couple of years I have dreaded turning another year older. Turning 23 was not my favourite birthday and I still don’t know why to this day. But turning 27, I felt okay with it. Maybe because it was the fact I was spending my birthday outside of Queensland for the third time in a row.


Day 1 started off with an amazing breakfast at Malabar Beach Cafe. The last couple of times I have visited, this has been the place we would go and indulge some delicious food. We ordered ourselves the Nutella milkshake and some corn fritters with avocado salsa. I opted for bacon and a side of haloumi. I was in heaven. But while I was drinking the oh-so-amazing milkshake, I couldn’t finish my breakfast. Which I was completely devastated about because it was so good. My tummy was stuffed and was soon in a food coma.


We took a brief stroll along the footpath and headed down to the boat ramp where we stopped off for some photos. The sun was beaming, the water was calm and there were a few little white clouds in the distance.

FB_IMG_1441848685323 FB_IMG_1441848692717 FB_IMG_1441848679806 FB_IMG_1441848682896

Our next part of the day started with a ferry ride from Rose Bay to Circular Quay. The journey took about 20 or so minutes and it was just nice to stand outside and see the beautiful city from the water. After we departed from the boat, we made our way towards the Sydney Opera House, stopping along the way for some photos. When in Sydney right? We weren’t there for long and soon after we headed towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge which we didn’t get too. Instead we took a walk through the Rocks Markets where we saw art, food, clothes and more.

FB_IMG_1441848708946 FB_IMG_1441848706481

 FB_IMG_1441848723856 FB_IMG_1441848715088

A beautiful set of markets flowing through beautiful brick buildings surrounded by restaurants and cafes. A great place for a lunch stop. We did the rounds and came across a stall called Mini Monet Cupcakes. We could not decide for the life of us which cupcake to choose and in the meantime, Jess told the guy behind the counter that it was my birthday. He picked out a candle, stuck it in my cupcake and he and Jess sang “Happy Birthday” to me. Perfect!

FB_IMG_1441848751436 FB_IMG_1441848740741

After we finished at the markets we walked back towards the ferry to make our way back to the car. We weaved in and out of streets making our way to Adriano Zumbo’s shop where we picked up some yummy macaroons. I grabbed myself a 6 pack and scoffed them down in a matter of minutes. Oh did I mention I’m a sweet tooth? If not, you know now that I am.

20150905_134840 FB_IMG_1441848764362

We decided to have some lunch and went at a small pub near a local beach. I ordered an entrée size calamari with some chips. A meal too big my eyes were bludging out of my head. I was in another food coma.


After lunch, Jess and I headed back to the car and made our way home where we would rest and watch a movie. We were getting ourselves prepared for a big night which turned out to be a small night out. Jess had bought me tickets to go and see “Matilda” at the theatre. Her friend, Zoe came along for the ride. The show started at 7.30 and we were out by 10pm. Located right near the casino we choose to go and have a drink there. A night that quickly ended as we were all too tired and wanted to go to bed.


Day two was a bit of a downer as we had organised to go to the Blue Mountains to see the 3 Sisters as I had never seen them before. But Mother Nature had better ideas. It rained on and off for the whole day ruining our plans to go see them. Instead we opted to go in search of some amazing milkshakes which have suddenly popped up all over the place.

These were Tella Ball milkshakes. A nutella milkshake with a nutella-filled donut on top. Certainly a heart attack in a jar, but we had plans to try these for months and we weren’t going to pass them up. The shakes were so delicious that I was surprised I finished mine.

FB_IMG_1441848778404FB_IMG_1441848784900  20150906_112719FB_IMG_1441848780578

After the sickly sweet bomb of a milkshake we devoured, we made our way to the shops for a bit of light shopping and a movie. We decided on watching “Vacation” which had just come out a couple of weeks prior. This was hilarious. The movie ended and we drove back home to make some yummy nachos for dinner. After all the eating we had done so far, I ate one and half small servings of the meal and I was done. Resting on the couch afterwards we watching “This is where I leave you” which we all enjoyed.

Day 3 was better than day 2 weather wise. The sun was out and shining and we couldn’t wait to start our day. We left Jess’ house at around about 10.30am to make our journey to Palm Beach aka “Summer Bay”. Before hitting the highway, we made a quick stop off at Luna Park, a small carnival theme park which people flock too every day. I had just purchased some lens to use on my phone and experimented taking photos with my fisheye lens like I did at Darling Harbour. This was a lot of fun and something Jess and I plan on doing on my return.

20150907_114606 20150907_114723 20150907_120243FB_IMG_1441848800348  FB_IMG_1441834341585

The drive up to Palm Beach was beautiful and before we knew it we were there. We drove past the Surf Life Saving Club and saw a number for trucks parked along the side of the road. They were filming! A film location for a well known TV show called “Home and Away”.

20150907_143158 20150907_142618

20150907_144030 FB_IMG_1441848865442 FB_IMG_1441848855567

We drove all the way until the road bought us to the “Diner” which is known as the Boat House. Here we had lunch and walked along the Jetty. A beautiful little set up with fruit and flowers everywhere, boats to the side, a lovely little outdoor area for people to enjoy the sun along with a cute little front entrance lined with chairs and tables.

FB_IMG_1441667315768 FB_IMG_1441848825212 FB_IMG_1441848816437 20150907_132023

This little restaurant was busy and I could tell why. The food coming out of the kitchen was presented well and looked amazing. The menu looked quite scrumptious I could have eaten that too. both Jess and I selected the Burger – Beef, Pineapple, Beetroot, Bacon, Lettuce and Cheese with a side of chips and tomato relish. We couldn’t help ourselves and ordered dessert. They looked so good in the window right next to the counter it was hard not to. Jess got the Carrot Cake and I got a chocolate, caramel and pecan slice. Can you say Ah-mazing!?

FB_IMG_1441834310393 20150907_135834

Another food coma was in the works and we took a brief walk towards the Jetty. The wind was blowing in my hair and sun was hitting my skin with a delightful bite of heat. It was then time to go and witness some filming in the making. We sat there for approximately 10 minutes and decided to head home. Jess got a last minute photo with an actor and then we hit the road. The countdown for my departure had started and I didn’t want to leave. After an amazing weekend why would you want to go back to reality?

FB_IMG_1441848839710 FB_IMG_1441848846289 FB_IMG_1441848834574

By the time we got home, we had 45 minutes til Jess had to drop me off at the airport. Time does fly when you’re having fun. The flight back home was just as quick as it was when I arrived in Sydney on the Friday night leaving me with wonderful memories I got to make with my beautiful friend, Jess.

I just want to say thank you doll face for such a lovely weekend! It surely was one of the best weekends I’ve had with you.

Krista x


3 thoughts on “Sydney Weekend Away

    1. Queensland is stunning Sher.. you have plenty on off. The Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Whitsundays, The Great Barrier Reef, Outback Queensland, Fraser Island… heaps!!! Malabar Beach café has amazing food there. Krista x


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