Adventure: Hiking Kings Canyon Rim Walk

A spectacular site that will leave you speechless and breathless.

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A year has since passed and it was this time last year I was wishing I was back on my Outback Adventure with my new found friends. Ok seriously, 2015 you can stop going so fast now. I have plenty of amazing memories to share so today’s post will be reminiscing over my adventures through the outback. In particular one place, The Kings Canyon Rim Walk.

It was a hot and humid September day climbing the Kings Canyon Rim Walk but it was a day I’ll remember forever. Located about a 4.5hour drive from Alice Springs and not far from the Kings Creek Station camp grounds where we were staying, it is definitely worth a visit.


I don’t usually venture out and hike remote areas but I’m glad I decided to do this one with Contiki. With its beautiful rich tones of oranges and reds and the big blue sky above us it was a perfect day for a perfect hike. Hobbling over rocks through the rocky trail I felt like a true adventurer. I had my appropriate footwear on (just a pair of Nikes), a hat, sunglasses and plenty of water to get me through the hike and I was roaring get this 6 kilometre walk underway.


During the warmer months in any part of Australia, temperatures can soar to the mid 40s which means some, if not; most outdoor activities can be cancelled due to the heat. Our hike happened on a warm day hitting approximately 36 degrees and even that was hot. I had gone through my 2 litres of water before I had finished the walk and I felt like I should have taken more. This was such a spectacular walk, one that I recommend for people who haven’t visited the region and want to have a little taste of the true outback experience.

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The climb started with a steep incline with plenty of “rock” steps to make your legs hate you for doing it. Not being as fit as what I use to be, I struggled with this part. My legs and lungs were burning and I felt like I couldn’t go any further. But luckily I had my amazing friends and guide there to push me on. The worse part of the climb was done and dusted and we could finally take a leisurely walk for the rest of the walk. By the time we reached the top the wind had picked up leaving us a little cooler than before.

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We saw interesting fossil patterns left on the rocks, the Garden of Eden at the bottom of the Canyon with lush greenery, a creek with little water in it and a bridge allowing us to continue on for the rest of the hike. The view from the top flowed out into the horizon where you saw vast amounts of dry land surrounding the canyon. What a site it was. Australia is known for its captivating scenery and this will certainly leave your breathless, quite literally.

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The walk took about 2-3 hours to complete allowing for photos and rest stops along the way. By the time we had reached the end of the rocky trail, we headed back towards the bus to fill up on some much needed H20. I had an amazing time here at the Kings Canyon Rim Walk and I would happily say I would do this hike again.

Krista x



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