What’s in my blog name?

When trying to get yourself out in the blogging world, you need a good name. One that will bring traffic to your Blog/Instagram/Facebook/YouTube sites. So why did I choose Krista’s Wandering Footprints?

 Last year I created an Instagram account (I can’t even remember the date I created it but we’ll just go with April shall we?) to show the people of the Instagram world my adventures. This was the beginning of something new for me. I also wanted to inspire everyday people to see what is out there like I had been after following some wonderful people. So I said to myself “I shall call it Wandering the World” but after a few months changed it to the name I have now.

Wandering the World was a great name, but I felt like it wasn’t really speaking out to anyone. Deciding to go with Krista’s Wandering Footprints felt like a better choice. After all, I am “Krista” who created this blog. I am also “Wandering” the world (when I can) and of course my feet take me to where I go so I thought ”Footprints” at the end would fit well because we do in fact leave footprints on every surface we stand on (well sort of but you get my drift). So that is how I came up with Krista’s Wandering Footprints.

FB_IMG_1441848764362 FB_IMG_1434945001256

It sounds very original but a lot of people I follow in regards to travel don’t have their names included in theirs so I thought I’d use mine so people actually know who they are following and if they want to talk to me they’ll know my name. To me it adds a bit more of a personal touch and besides I want to be proud of the name I have chosen.

So what have I achieved in the past 18 months? Well so far I have created a blog (I’m yet to purchase my own domain name) in April of this year, almost reached 1000 followers on Instagram after having started 18 months ago and started making some vlogs which I hope to continue to do in the coming years.

FB_IMG_1438924053396 20150612_135754

What’s next for Krista’s Wandering Footprints – I would like a logo designed to add to my blog (I sort of have an idea on what I want), a trip to Vietnam in March 2016 with Contiki (not sponsored) also travelling with someone else not just myself. And I would also like to invest in a couple of things like a GoPro and another camera to get snap happy with as my Canon 500D is just too bulky for me now. I want to improve my skills at Photography and Videoing so I can feel proud of the photos/videos I create.

Well I hope that explains my name I’ve picked for my Blog/YouTube/Facebook/Instagram.

Krista x


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