How I Go About Choosing My Destinations:

Being a travel blogger with over 50 posts now on my website and constantly uploading photos from my travels to my Instagram account (Hey someone’s got to keep the bug at bay, right?) I thought I should write a post about “how I go about choosing my destinations”. And since we’re all different, all our stories to share are different. So keep on reading below to find out more.

As a teen, I had set myself a goal to visit countries first who spoke more English – the thought about travelling to a different country who didn’t speak much English was terrifying. I now know that when travelling solo to a destination in which English isn’t their first language there are always people willing to help you out. It just may take a little longer to find someone who will.


If I’m planning a trip to a different country and not wanting to be alone I look at all the different options there are. My favourite – group tours. Of course you can fly there solo or not, but you know that once you reach your hotel that there is always someone there doing the same thing as you.

I choose places I want to see that are at the top of my list – I have now ticked off New Zealand, America (so much more to see) and Canada (I really need to get myself over to the west coast) and of course Australia; still plenty of places I want to go and admire in my own country.

If you have a travel buddy – lucky you but this is also how I go about picking my next destination. I have now met up with friends from Canada and America and it’s a great way of catching up rather than chatting/emailing or skyping all the time.


I’ve also picked places based on their currency. I’ve heard Asia is really cheap but Asia doesn’t come up high on my list…yet. The first time I was visiting USA the dollar was about 85US cents. On my recent trip it was 75US cents. When I made my way to Canada I got just under 90CAD cents. And New Zealand, well back in 2012 I ended up getting around 1.25NZ giving me more money to spend on my holiday. Europe and the UK have always been lower than the above currencies hence why I have decided to do them hopefully in the next couple of years as to me I feel like I need to save a good amount to be able to enjoy myself.

I think about the amount of time I can have at my destinations. Will (Insert days here) be enough to see what I want to see?


I also choose my next destination based on how much money I can afford to spend on my chosen destination because we all want to make the most of our holiday.

So there you have it. Just a few points on how to consider your next destination. You see, when everything is taken into account you can plan the best holiday for you!

How do you consider your next destination?


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