My Out-Of-This-World Activites

They say travel changes you and it sure does. Never in my life did I think I’d do some of the things I have done.

These things have either me feel scared, nervous or sometimes even both at the same time.

So here are some activities I have done in the last couple of years that have been something I’d never thought I’d do, ever in my life.

Holding a snake – Not so much an out-of-the-world experience but just the thought of snakes and I already have my feet up off the ground. This was a dare. One I had thought I had written for my bus partner but instead wrote it for myself. Our guide was a little sneaky with that one. I HATE snakes. It was day one on our tour through the outback and a few of us chose to go to Crocosaurus Park in Darwin. Here is where you can also “swim” with crocodiles in a glass cage. I had thought about that one but chickened out. We wandered through the park and stumbled across a reptile handler who was in fact holding a snake. This snake wasn’t as big as what I had seen before but it was still the thought of holding it that freaked me out. Once the handler gave me the snake I hated it. I held ii long enough to get a photo and gave it back to her. This photo really shows you how much I “loved” it, right?


Hot Air Balloon – Scared of heights and also being in just a basket the thought of what could go wrong always plays on my mind but I would now happily say that I would do it again in a heartbeat. The views from above were just beautiful and of course we witnessed a beautiful sunrise. You can read about my experience here.


Shooting a Gun – I’m not one who likes guns but when an opportunity to head to a shooting range with a few of your new found friends in the US comes up, you take it. I mean where else was I going to do it and when? It was great to go with a group of people but once I had done what I needed to do, the girls and I headed back to the hotel and left the boys to play with the big guns. Lets just say my aim was terrible.


Bungee in New Zealand – My new Zealand trip to me was my first trip overseas and also a trip I wanted to help get over my fears of. My fears of heights are still with me but I bungee jumped. An experience I WILL NEVER do again. You can read about my experience here.


Parasailing in New Zealand – So we all know I have a fear of heights, but I also have a fear of deep water. But I wanted to do parasailing so bad and when Contiki offered the activity in the Bay of Islands I took it. We were higher than I thought we’d go and as I looked down my feet dangled underneath me. A sight I was happy to see which surprised me. I loved this activity so much that this is another one I would love to do again. I saw amazing views from up the top and overall had a great time. Being lifted into the air by the wind was such an amazing feeling. And coming back down was just as fun (stumbling back onto the boat.)

Canyon Swing in New Zealand – Yup I told you before my NZ trip was all about getting over my fears. Bungee Jump, Parasailing and now the Canyon swing. Let me just say it is not easy walking off a ledge and plunging so many metres towards the ground. Luckily I had a friend do this with me and it was so much fun. We screamed like little babies and we swang like we were monkeys in a jungle. But once was enough for me that day. The guys who work on the ledge crack you up with laughter and tease you if you do certain jumps. Be warned.

Climbed a Glacier – Just last month I created a little vlog about climbing a Glacier (not enough footage but I used what I had) This was a fantastic little adventure I would love love love to do again – but opt for the helihike next time. You can read about my experience here.


What are some out-of-this-world experiences you have ticked off your list? Comment below.


2 thoughts on “My Out-Of-This-World Activites

  1. Wow!! This is awesome! My out of this world experience is visiting Stonehenge and getting to step inside the circle. Doesn’t take a lot of bravery like your adventures but I’ve always wanted to do it 🙂


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