Adventure: Flying Over Uluru

My Outback holiday with Contiki was one of the best decisions I made last year.


Having only seen more cities than rural Australia I couldn’t wait to do and see things one wouldn’t find in a big and busy city.The fun thing about doing a group tour is not only the activities you choose to do, but it’s with the people who do them with you.

One activity, as with many, that caught my eye for me was taking a helicopter flight over Uluru. This was such a great experience and one I’m excited to share with you all.

Our experience started off with a picked up at the front of our hotel in Uluru. There were 5 of us; Kurt, Anthony, Jennifer, Leah and myself. A fantastic group of people to share this moment with. We were picked up by Professional Helicopters from our accommodation who were taking us on our flight over Uluru. The drive was short and took us in between 10-20 minutes to arrive at our location. We hoped out of the bus and made our way to the helicopter where we were told where to sit. Jennifer had a front row view while the rest of us were seated in the passenger cabin. I was buzzing with excitement and couldn’t wait to get off the ground.


We had our headsets on and we were ready to go. The helicopter started and all I could hear were the propellers splitting the air with its sudden speed. Soon enough we started to rise. Unlike a plane, a helicopter is a very different flight experience. A helicopter ride isn’t smooth sailing like I thought. It felt like we had really bad turbulence for the entire 30 minutes we were in the air and while I don’t like turbulence, it made the experience that little bit more fun.


We flew over red plains; saw our accommodation along with others around the area, roads stretching for kilometres and finally saw Uluru and the Olgas. If you’re heading to Uluru, there are plenty of options to see this wonderful site. Up in the air by plane or helicopter, driving around it via a Harley Davidson or car/bus and walking around the entire 10.6 kilometres. All options are breathtakingly beautiful.

From above, Uluru does not look like it would from the ground. If you look at the rock straight on from the ground, you’d expect it be half an oval shape all the way around. Well that’s what I was expecting. But I was left surprised. It was a huge rock which is out of shape and no, I don’t mean fitness (insert laugh here). Taller than the Eiffel Tower it was a sight to see and one that should be put on everyone’s bucket list.


We went around and around making sure we could see as much as we could. During our time in the air we also flew around to the see the Olgas (also known as Kata Tjuta). Huge rock formations standing taller than Uluru itself. With a number of 36 different shaped rocks, these were also stunning to see from above as we had walked through one of the two walks allowed in the area the day before.


Our time came to an end where we flew back to the landing pad and made our way back to the bus. We all left on such a high and, I, myself knew I wanted more as well as the others. The staffs at Professional Helicopters weren’t only just professional but they were a delight to guide us on our flight. I would definitely recommend using this wonderful business if you ever consider doing a flight.


Thank you to Leah, Jennifer, Kurt & Anthony for making this experience worthwhile. I’m glad I got to make these memories with you during out trip.

And thank you Contiki & Professional Helicopters for an amazing experience. All opinions and thoughts are my own.


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