14 Tips to Help You Feel Better About Yourself

On my recent post, The Truth Diaries, I had a number of people message me telling me how brave I was to tell the world how I have been feeling these past couple of weeks and that if I ever needed to talk they were there. So thank you to all those people who have spent 5 minutes of their time sending me little messages of love, comfort and support. I really appreciate it.

I was just recently scrolling through on my Facebook news feed where I came across this photo.


Pretty self explanatory, but this gave me more “encourage-mint” about writing this post.

One point I jotted down was that I didn’t have a lot of confidence in myself and I still don’t.  As much as I want to believe I do, it’s just not happening for me at the moment. So with today’s post I thought I would post something for people who have little confidence like me along with other issues. It’s more so about tips on how to make yourself feel better about everything around you. So keep on reading below to find out what tips I like to live by.


Feeling really down and out and feel like you don’t have anyone to talk too? Write your feelings down in a diary or on a piece of paper. This has helped me in certain ways over the years. I’ve even heard people burn it afterwards to help “let things go”. A bit hard to burn a computer plus it’s an expensive item I don’t want to keep replacing and probably not an good thing to publish something like this online (as my mum told me) but I was completely overwhelmed by the response from people who I don’t usually talk to on a daily basis BUT who I’m friends with.

If you’re having a day where you’re feeling like an ugly duckling – trust me I have had these moments too, take some time out for just you. Go get a massage done, go for a big walk (around about 40 minutes usually helps me), have a bath and light some candles, read a book or a magazine, take your time getting ready and putting an effort into your morning look even if you don’t have anywhere to be.

Preparing breakfast on a weekend helps me feel better about myself especially after a long morning walk. It’s like saying “it’s a brand new day; make with it what you will”.

Do what makes you happy. This I’m still trying to this do for myself but I now have a love of writing so writing this post is making me feel good about myself and I hope it does with others. I also love to travel and my funds agree so even if you want to take a holiday, make it a mini one. I’m actually really tempted to do a mystery break holiday. See where I end up. Could be fun.

Sometimes when I’m getting ready for whatever, I will listen to music and I will dance my butt off in the bathroom (no joking here). Dancing I feel definitely helps lift my spirit and I feel so much better afterwards. A little confidence booster

Watch an inspirational movie or TV show? I use to dance when I was younger, during high school and even did 11 months of pole dancing so watching any sort of dancing flick (yes most of them have the same story line) helped me feel like I could achieve what I wanted to achieve. Even a feel good movie whether it’s about everyday life or romance, this will for sure make me feel better about me (even though most of the story lines are fiction). Who doesn’t want to believe that there is such a thing as Price Charming?

If you’re feeling a little creative even if you’re feeling a little emotional, go for it. I sometimes write down song lyrics even though I’ll never put them to music but it sort of helps me get out what I’m feeling.

I like to find motivational and or inspirational quotes. My go to place is Pinterest. You’ll find plenty here.


Listen to some feel good music. Make a playlist and if you’re ever home alone, turn the volume up a bit. Just don’t let the neighbours call the police on you. Good if you’re doing the housework or just chilling in your room.

I’m just going to admit it but last year’s holiday through the Outback I was known as the selfie Queen as I’m sure most of you reading this like to post the occasional selfie too. I love to take them even if I don’t post it online. Trying to find different poses is the best way to find what suits your body and face. Find it and you’ll be left feeling a little more confident in yourself.


You can still find the fun in doing things by yourself. For example I have been to concerts and movies all on my own before and people commend me for being brave as some of them couldn’t bear the thought of going it alone. But when you just feel like doing something, go and do it. Little mood booster here too. It’s great to get compliments like this.

Take yourself out of the house and go for a day trip somewhere – make sure it’s a nice day for it. Find somewhere secluded and have a moment just to think to yourself. Look up into the sky, close your eyes and bring your arms out as if you’re hugging the world. It’s moments like these that make me feel good about myself. I just love the idea of being on a beach with the water splashing my feet and not having a care in the world. Include some of your friends. Even take the camera and get snap happy – perfect moment to create some new memories too.

Head to the shops. I do this all the time and my bank account does not like me at the moment because of it. I like buying clothes so buying a new accessory, dress, top etc makes me feel good about myself because I can’t wait to wear it out and feel good in it. I also like to buy flowers to brighten up my room which also brightens my moods. Flowers always do the trick.

I probably resort to this a lot, but I have in the last couple of weeks cut down on it – indulge in chocolate. It’s ok to do it here and there, but make sure it’s only a small amount. Chocolate always soothes me (I like to think of it that way) and it’s my go to thing when I’m feeling a little upset – yup, I’m an emotional chocolate eater right here.

Two little bonus tips:

Working out at the gym I finds helps me feel strong and more confident. Lifting weights and getting my heart racing feels great.

Surround yourself with happy people. People who you know will comfort you if you’re feeling a little upset.

What do you do to make yourself feel good? What tips could you give to others? Comment below.


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