Photo Diary: The Magical World of Disney

So recently I posted about my times exploring 4 main Disney Theme Parks which didn’t leave me disappointed. You can read those post here and here. There were a few rides that made me feel sick and confused but over all my time in Orlando was just amazing!

This post is a little dedication of my experiences strolling around Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and of course Magic Kingdom with the few photos I have on here. Keep your eyes peeled for Part II of Universal Studios and a Photo Diary for my time at both Universal Studios.

DSCN3793 20150524_000607 DSCN3767 DSCN3761 DSCN3756 DSCN3753 DSCN3747 20150524_031915 20150522_225106

DSCN3696 DSCN3679 DSCN3672 DSCN3666 DSCN3664 DSCN3660 DSCN3654 DSCN3646 20150522_132449   DSCN3772  20150524_000840 DSCN3741FB_IMG_1434945143016


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