Photo Diary: It’s Jacaranda Season!

One thing I love about spending the spring time in South East Queensland are the Jacarandas trees.

Other than Christmas, it’s the most wonderful time of the year in my opinion and I’m sure along with most people who reside in our beautiful country. The view from my parents driveway is full with Jacaranda tops all over the place. It’s not only the colour I love about them but it’s also the fact that it’s spring time and it’s starting to get warmer as the days go on.

Blooming from the end of September it is a sight to see. In fact there is even a festival to celebrate them. The Jacaranda Festival is held at Goodna about 25 minutes from the Brisbane City and is the perfect place to fill your Jacaranda needs. The festival also has a lot of things that many people will enjoy like rides, show bag stalls, performers and cars including fireworks on Friday and Saturday night.

I headed down on Sunday (25th Oct) but was simply mesmerized by the trees. I walked around and through the festival in order to capture some stunning photos of these beautiful trees but the weather didn’t help here. You see the trees look better against a clear blue sky. Brisbane and Ipswich had a blanket of overcast clouds all weekend making it harder to get better photos.

During this time of year I love the drive to work as the main road I take is lined with them. Always makes me smile with delight knowing one of my favourite seasons are here.

Scroll down to view some photos I took of my favourite tree in South East Queensland.

IMG_8746 IMG_8745 IMG_8739 IMG_8738 IMG_8736 IMG_8734 IMG_8733 IMG_8711 IMG_8709 IMG_8708 IMG_8707 IMG_8706 IMG_8705 IMG_8702

IMG_8700IMG_8701 IMG_8697



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