I’ve Been Nominated!

O. M. G. Guys! I just got nominated for an award. Even though I’m not entirely sure how big it actually is, I’m so excited to be a part of it! In my entire life I have never been nominated for anything (well at least nothing comes to mind while I’m writing this post). I guess there is always room for “firsts”.

Never in my wildest dreams *starts singing Taylor Swift* did I ever think I have readers from so many different countries (27 I last counted) reading and looking at my website and having a number of people “liking” my photos on Instagram. It sure has been pleasure to share with you all my adventures wherever my footprints leave their mark.

I was nominated by the lovely Denise from thegirlinseat5a and what a delight it was to find out the news! Thank you, thank you, thank you Denise! You can read all about her adventures here – The Girl in Seat 5A


As you are all aware blogging is a tough industry to get into as you’ll find a lot of people blog, vlog and take photos of their adventures already. Some making a full time career out of it. Since I started my travelling in 2012 it was then that I had wanted to share my experiences with people. It wasn’t until 2015 until I created my blog and found a passion for writing. Who would have thought, right? Certainly not me! In 2014 I created my Instagram account to share with my followers the beautiful photos I take on these amazing adventures and the response has been overwhelming with getting featured on a few accounts.

So what is this award about? Well it’s called the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Showing recognition to fellow female bloggers all around the world for their amazing adventures, posts and supporting others in the travel community.

What you need to do once you get awarded is:

Put the award logo on your blog. Always thank the blogger who nominated you, with a link to her site. Begin your post and answer the questions given to you. Nominate 10 new female bloggers. Then it’s YOUR turn to ask the questions to your nominees

So my nominees are the following:

Bec – www.theworldasbecseesit.com

Jess – flyingthenest.tv

Brooke – www.worldofwanderlust.com

Phoebe – Littlegreybox.net

Nicola – www.polkadot-passport.com

Ally – www.goseekexplore.com

Kate Victoria – katevictoriaphotography.com

Ariana – www.thebosnianaussie.com

Kelly – www.endlesslyexploring.com

Tami – Hunterlytravels.com


Did you ever travel somewhere you weren’t sure you would like, but ended up loving it? Or vice versa? If so, where and why? I was a little unsure about going to Montreal. I had known they spoke French but I didn’t realise how much. so I wasn’t too keen on going there when the time came as I felt so lost on my first day there. But by the next day it was better and I loved it!

What is your favourite city in the world and why? Currently my favourite city in the world to visit would be New York City. This place truly captured my heart and it hasn’t let it go. There is so much to do and see in this wonderful city. If I could move here I would!


What are three things you never travel without? Let’s start with the obvious – 1. My camera! Because I want to look back and say oh I did this and I did that. I now love making videos of my adventures as well as taking photos. 2. Got to need ya passport if you’re flying international & 3. Mmm tough one but probably a good pair of walking shoes. On my recent trip to the states this year I did some damage to my ankle and ended up having to wear an ankle brace for almost a week – let me just say that packing a good pair of shoes is a must as you don’t want to be limping around all the time. not good for recovery.

If your life was a movie, what would the title be? Simple. Krista’s Life. Easy and if it’s a movie about my life, why not call it Krista’s Life.

When travelling, are you a planner or a make-it-up-as-you-go-along type of person? I am a planner. I think that’s when the VIRGO comes out in me. I can’t have things not booked. I love to organise. It keeps me distracted from my everyday life too. I will plan a holiday a year in advance. Most of my friends and family tell me I have holidays on my mind too much and the truth is I do. I love to travel! But I also like the little random road trips here and there.

What is your favourite travel quote? I have two and it’s hard to just pick one! Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been before – Dalai Lama & To live would be an awfully big adventure – Peter Pan.

Do you have a specific souvenir that you buy every time you travel? I was hoping to collect photo frames of places I’d have been too but that got a little hard to find and especially ones I loved. I now have a new expensive souvenir I get myself every time I go to a new place – I buy a travel Pandora that relates to where I have been. So far I have 13. Some include a Minnie mouse for Disneyworld, the state of liberty – do I really need to tell you where that one relates? A camera because I love to take photos, a tram for San Francisco, a travel suitcase, a plane, a globe, the Sydney opera house because I’m Australian and a maple leaf for Canada. I always budget to get at least 1 or 3 when I’m away.

How has travelling changed you? For the better. I’m more independent, I’m not scared to take a flight on my own especially long haul. I feel I have become myself more instead of living in people’s shadows. If I want to travel I will make sure I save enough money and just go. I’m not as shy as I was when I didn’t travel. In fact on my first overseas holiday to NZ I was told I was very outgoing. Hooray! It’s also given me the courage to do things I wouldn’t normally do like bungee jump, do the canyon swing, shot a gun, hold a snake etc.


Who is your personal hero and why? My personal hero would have to be my Mum. She went through so much when my sister and I were growing up. She has been my role model my whole life. She has always been there for me and she’s done me and my sister proud. She’s the type of Mum I would love to be when I have children.

If I asked your friends to describe you, what adjective would be used most often? Caring and sweet because I hate disappointing people. Even though I shouldn’t have to please people all the time.

Below are my 10 questions for my nominees:

Why do you like to travel?

How did you get yourself out of a bad situation if you have ever been in one?

Who is your travel inspiration?

If you were deserted on an island what 3 things would you take?

If you could relive one of your favourite travel moments, which one would it be?

What is the best advise you have been given by someone?

If you would travel with travel blogger in the world, who would you choose?

What has been your most re-visited country you have been too (not including your home country)?

What made you start a travel blog?

How did you come up with the idea for your name?

Thank you for this wonderful nomination! Yipee!


Krista x






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