Photo Diary: Chasing Waterfalls at Mount Tamborine



Mount Tamborine is located in South East Queensland and is about an hour and a half drive from Brisbane. This is just one of the perfect locations to swim near waterfalls, hike and have a perfect day out with loved ones to escape if you need to escape the everyday life.

Not that far from the Gold Coast it is now one of my favourite places to enjoy nature. So if you ever find yourself looking for something to do one weekend or while you’re visiting sunny Queensland put this on your list of things to do.

Last weekend I was invited to go on a hike with my friend Nidia and her sister, Jocelyn and we decided to do the Purling Brook Falls. I had been there once before but never did the hike. The four kilometre round hike was to take us around about 2-3 hours. We completed it in two and a half including stops to take photos (which I took plenty of).

We did a lot of walking & climbing over rocks and fences just to get the perfect shot. Totally against the rules but hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to get great photos – don’t worry, not harm was done in the making of these photos.

After eating our apples like we were starving to death at the car we continued our adventure to the next stop: Natural Arch. Just a short drive away, it’s a small hike to get to but a beautiful site once you approach it. What I love about Mount Tamborine is that everything is so lush and green.

Continue down for some photos I captured of these beautiful places.













I love these sort of day trips. If I’m having a serious case of the travel bug I know this will definitely help it as I look at it like it’s a new adventure… which of course it is.


Hope you enjoy the photos – I had so much fun taking them.

Krista x


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