Adventure: Killarney Glen Falls

The first post of 2016 everyone, so HAPPY NEW YEAR! Bring on 2016!

Now lets get onto today’s post.

Over the weekend, a couple of my girlfriends and I decided to go and venture around the Mount Tamborine area. Over the last couple of months our thing to do lately is to go and explore mother nature’s playground and since doing this there are parts of South East Queensland I have never seen or been too before. So our destination on Saturday were the Killarney Glen Falls located near Canungra.

As we approached the entrance we noticed the amount of cars that had spread out onto the main road – it was packed! We got out of the car and started our hike. What we didn’t expect was how steep the hike would be to get to the falls this causing us to almost slip with the amount of loose dirt over the track. It was a humid 28 degrees when we arrived and by the time we had gotten to the falls the weather was still about the same. Humid and Hot.

We were surprised to see so many people enjoying the atmosphere and cliff jumping through the opening of the falls. There were a number of people who were game to jump around about 6 metres or more high and feel the water. And after every jump, the sound of the water meeting with human contact echoed up out of the top. After watching some people jump we headed over to a different part where it was quiet and not as busy.

This was truly an amazing moment – taking in Mother Nature’s beauty and enjoying the peacefulness that it was. We sat and enjoyed ourselves for about an hour before we decided to head back to the main part of the falls. We then realised that what we wanted a photo of was on the other side from where we were so we crossed the creek and headed on over. If you ever visit these beautiful falls, be sure to go and see them from both sides. This is where the true beauty lies.

After photographing the heart shaped rock formation we decided to head back up to the car which we were not looking forward to at all. This was the worse part. I have never climbed anything so steep in my life before so I found this to be a real struggle for me. What a climb! By the time we reached the top, 5 – 7 different groups of people had passed us. But in all honesty the hike to get there and back was totally worth experiencing this amazing natural artwork.






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