What am I doing???

I have tried to write this post so many times but the words seem to escape the keyboard before I can type it down. Not a lot has been happening on the blog front hence why I thought I would post a little something tonight.

For the first time in a while I am completely feeling nothing towards my website/blog and there have been moments where I have thought “should I just delete it?”. One of the reasons for this is because at the moment I have no travel plans organised and I’m finally looking at moving out from my parent’s house which means not being able to save to go on holidays as much as I would like.

My plan was to visit Canada in Sept/Oct of this year but I have since changed my mind as it was going to work out to be too expensive. Last year’s North America Holiday where I travelled for 5 weeks turned out to be an expensive one so this year I was looking forward to a much cheaper holiday.

I also had plans to visit Vietnam with a friend but cancelled that also for 2 reasons but I’m only going to be telling you one. Since talking to a friend last year he really put it in perspective for me that I really should be saving for my future. If I were to go to Vietnam (which would have been in March) I wouldn’t of had enough money to come back home too and it would have been unpaid leave – which I can’t afford to do. Having 3 weeks unpaid last year was a little bit of a struggle but I managed. Since having that conversation I am now thinking about what I should be putting my money towards.

Another reason why I haven’t been feeling connected to my blog is at the moment the only thing I pay for is my domain. My plan is free, I don’t have a host to help me out and I’m not even sure I know what I’m doing – I only know the basics of this stuff. I work full time also but feel that I don’t earn enough to pay for a better plan on WordPress for my blog because I instantly have that thought “what happens if you fail? what a waste of money” come into my head. It’s ridiculous and I know you gotta start somewhere, but to me, I work hard for my money and I would hate to see something fail if I put my hard earned cash towards it.


Recently I have been trying to decide where to venture to this year. Trust me, it’s harder than it looks. I’m all up for an inexpensive holiday and I feel I am ready to experience something different – like Asia. I had never wanted to go to Asia but now I really want too. I guess after travelling to countries who have western culture you want something a little different. I had always told myself when I was younger that I had wanted to visit English speaking countries first be it America, Canada, New Zealand or Great Britain. I have since changed my mind and even though I had a terrible day in Montreal (French speaking) I realised that majority of Earth’s population has a different language so there is no escaping that if you want to see the World.

I have also thought about travelling parts of my own country, Australia. There are some incredible places I am yet to see and would love to tick off my bucket list. Travelling within your own country there isn’t much to worry about for example – power adapters, needles, currency and all the rest that goes with it. High up on my Australian Travel list is Tasmania where I would love to do a 2 week self drive tour. The photos I have seen are incredible. I would love to drive the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Head back up to Cairns (or even do a road trip up there), experience the white beaches of the Whitsundays, and explore Adelaide.

So in all honesty I have no idea what I’m doing this year but I know I want to make it one of the best years yet! I hope I get to leave my footprints somewhere I’ve never been before.






One thought on “What am I doing???

  1. Krista! 🙂 everything will be ok, keep writing please, don´t loose hope, the most sucessfull people on earth have failed and failed and they didn`t stop trying until they made it. and think this is the best way to keep your memories fresh of your travel experiences and will be great when you readt them again when you´re older. Big hugs ps i read your blog everytime you post!


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