What I Hope to Achieve in 2016

Last year was the year I truly started to follow YouTubers on their adventures around the globe.

This actually inspired me to start making my own travel videos because as most of my family and friends know I am a person who LOVES to document things.

For many years now I have almost had a camera with me every single day. I usually keep my little point and shoot Camera in my handbag – do not judge, you never know when a photo opportunity may come up. Oh hey, is that Taylor Swift just casually hanging around Sydney? Quick better ask for a photo. Okay so that may be a bad example but seriously, you just never know. It’s so handy.

But also having a camera with you most of the time, people will rely on you to take photos whether it be at a birthday or a day out with friends, people will always want to grab a copy of your photos. And hey I’m not complaining I guess it just means that people like my photos or they are too lazy to take themselves.


Do you ever look back at home videos and think wow, I wish I could of seen more of my childhood or at least filmed the bigger events? I remember one year while I was visiting Castlemaine in Victoria, my Uncle had a video camera and he let me borrow it so I could video Christmas. Of course I had no idea what I was doing but since then I have loved taking video. After watching these You Tubers achieve their dreams, it’s inspired me to get more familiar with my new action and vlogging camera (yes I bought these around Christmas time).

The hard part about videoing though is taking to the camera in public – I just can’t seem to think people judge me for taking to a camera but hey, one day I’ll get over that fear. I have since made about 9 videos and put them on YouTube. So far I’m proud of what I have produced and although none of them are as good as the youtubers I’ve been following at least I can say I’m getting there.

So this year, I want to take more photos, vlog and video my adventures to sharpen my skills at creating content – you just never know what things you’ll get on film.

Head on over to my YouTube channel – Krista B to see what I’ve been up too (there is a link in the menu bar) and also to Instagram where my photos are on display – @kristaswanderingfootprints.

People who I follow on Youtube – Fun For Louis, Flying the Nest, Raya was Here, Tess Christine, Little Grey Box, Hey Nadine, Mis Fashioneda, Julia Giaimo, World of Wanderlust, Girls Meet Globe, Lindsay Mcintyre just to name a few.




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