Photo Diary: Cairns

My last post was at the end of January this year. I know I know, not a lot of writing has been going on the blog. That was until I booked a trip to CAIRNS!

Guys, I was so excited to have the weekend away up north. It was my first lot of flights in 2016, my first trip away from Brisbane in 2016 and I was just keen to get out there and see the top end of Queensland. My previous trip to Cairns was well over two years ago and I knew I just had to go back up.

The weekend in Cairns was better than I had imagined; rain and all. Although it was raining for most of it the sun did make an appearance and we did see blue skies surrounding the mountains and while we walked along the esplanade.

Our weekend consisted of driving, watching rain fall, waterfalls, driving, eating, sleeping, waterfalls, Paronella Park, driving, eating, watching rain fall and of course taking beautiful photographs. One of the activities I was most looking forward to was going to Fitzroy Island but alas Mother Nature had better ideas. That’s okay; at least I have something to do when I go back up there.

So I thought today’s post would be a photo diary of the things I got up too in Cairns. If you guys haven’t been, add it to the list! It’s Beautiful! Keep your eyes out for some more blog posts about Where we ate, where we stayed and what waterfalls we saw.










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