What we ate and where we stayed: Cairns Edition

When we all go away on holiday one of the things we must do is EAT! Eat to our hearts content? Well I’m pretty sure we did on my weekend in Cairns.

That’s right kids, if we don’t eat we starve and you don’t want to starve when you’re away and I will say this: budget for at least a couple of nights where you’ll be dining out and not stuck in your hotel room. Food makes up half of your holiday because we all need to nourish our bodies with good food so we can make it through the day.

While scouring for the best locations we also look for the best foods so we can Instagram our “foodie” moments. Raise your hand if you have done this one too many times. Okay me, but I’m not ashamed if it.

Last week I posted a photo diary of my trip to Cairns and told you guys to keep eyes peeled for some more posts. So here we are. This post is all about the delicious foods we indulged while visiting Tropical North Queensland and where we slept for the 2 nights.

So just keep on reading to find out more.

Where we ate:

Breakfast/Morning Tea:

Saturday morning began with a drive to Lake Barrine where we indulged in some scones and jam with a hot drink. This location was perfect for our little morning tea. We sat out on the balcony which overlooked the lake (a great spot to start a Saturday off with) and the scones were pretty damn good if I don’t say so myself.

Lunch/Afternoon Tea:

4 hours later, our stomachs were rumbling after only eating scones for morning tea so we headed to Gallo Cheese factory also known as Diary land. Here we shared a cheese platter which was to die for. A small cheese platter will set you back $25 and can easily be shared around 2-4 people. Our tummies will fill to the brim with cheese and we couldn’t have been happier (the first ever and best ever cheese platter I have EVER tasted). Here they also made chocolate so I was in Chocolate heaven. We each spent over $15 on chocolate (Self confessed chocoholic right here and which was all gone by the time I went to bed).



I had been to Palm Cove once before and decided I had to go back but on this occasion it was only for dinner. We stopped in at Vivo where we drunk delicious cocktails and ate an amazing dinner special. We ordered a lamb dish and when asked if we wanted the entrée size or the main size we chose the main size. The special dinner menu was the entrée size which wasn’t advertised on the specials board. The main size however didn’t look very big when it arrived at our table (how big was the entrée size?!) The cocktails were delicious but as I was drinking mine I noticed there was an ant floating in it. The waitress came over and asked if I’d like a new one – of course I said yes. She said “We live in the tropics” walked off and got me a new one.



Sunday morning we walked up the same block as the Mantra and had breakfast at Paradiso. A small little café which offers a small menu so we chose to enjoy a bagel with broken eggs (fancy word for scrambled??) and bacon. It was really yummy and since I hadn’t had one since America I just knew I missed them once I bit into it. For the drink, well! When there is something with Nutella in it I usually go for that. And I did! I got myself a Nutella and banana smoothie – so good! The guys who served us were nice and I would definitely go back as it was low key and perfect for a small Sunday breakie.


If you’re after a restaurant that provides a ‘tapas’ sort of meal then head on down to Noa where you’ll be left wanting more. Walking through the big barn looking doors you’re greeted into an industrial feel restaurant with concrete floors, high ceilings and an open kitchen. Jenna and I ordered a couple of the shared meals. My favourite were the haloumi cigars along with the chorizo potato bombas and our homemade soda – Mango, Passionfruit and Mint flavoured! The chicken was pretty good too – just hard to get a lot of meat off the wing.

Afternoon Tea

For me, a trip anywhere these days isn’t a trip without trying the local frozen yoghurt. Head down to Yo My Goodness along the esplanade and treat yourself to some healthy and not so healthy goodies. My favourite combos – Nutella (Again, what’s with the Nutella) and Coconut frozen yoghurt, lycees balls, shredded coconut, strawberries & m&m’s. We sat along the waterfront and enjoy the last hour I had in Cairns before departing for the airport.

Where we stayed:

For the two nights we chose to stay at the Mantra Trilogy. The location of the hotel is set bang near the esplanade which was great. We were given a room with single beds with a balcony and of course a bathroom. The room was small but it was the right size for us since we didn’t spend much time in it as we were out most of the day exploring. The pool was located just outside our room and while it looked enticing we didn’t get a chance to use it (major sad face). The only issue we had was the car park which was a little confusing to use so we opted to use the street parking.


What I would rate this hotel – a 4 out of 5.

*Sorry for the lack of Hotel photos. I didn’t take any of the room.



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