What to Do In Cairns: Australia Edition

Okay so you’ve planned a weekend away up in Cairns and you only have a day and a half up there to see and do much as you can (yes this was me!) and I was beyond excited to get away from the hustle and bustle of Brisbane.

Even for a weekend I wrote a list of things to bring with me (I took way too much up there) along with a list of places and activities I wanted to achieve. I’m not even kidding around with you all when I say there is plenty to do in Cairns and surrounding areas.

Although Mother Nature rained on our parade (pun intended), we still ended up crossing a lot of things off my list so I was very happy with the outcome of the weekend.

The last 2 blog posts have shown photos of my trip and a list of places where we ate, which I recommended you try most of them. So today’s post will be about the outdoor activities we did while I visited on the Saturday & Sunday.

When it rains in Tropical North Queensland it is mandatory to go chasing waterfalls. *Starts singing Waterfalls by TLC*

The waterfalls we saw:

Milla Milla Falls is just one of three falls on a tourist drive which I recommend you do. A beautiful drive through the Atherton tablelands is a must do by the way. Here you can swim and enjoy the coolness of the water on a hot summer day. Pack yourself a picnic and grab a rug and lay down and enjoy the atmosphere around you.


We opted to hike down to the 2nd one (I can’t remember the name) but decided to turn back as it was too slippery from all the rain they had been having and we weren’t wearing the best of shoes. I was carrying my phone and camera in my pockets while holding an umbrella and my canon – it wouldn’t be a good ending if I was to slip. No way. Note: Hike is steep and you’re bound to climb over fallen trees if you decide to go down the track.

Waterfall number three was Ellinjaa Falls. With a concrete walk to get to this is an easy and enjoyable walk which takes less than fifteen minutes to reach the cascading falls. The falls looked spectacular and as soon as we arrived a herd of people followed in.


On my last day we decided to stop by and see Josephine Falls. These falls have a couple of viewing points so my suggestion would be to go and do all three. Bottom (my favourite viewing area), middle & at the top of the falls. A stunning location to enjoy nature. I also really enjoyed the walk to get there. Surrounded by rainforest you definitely feel worlds away from the carpark.

If you want to see some pretty epic trees then make sure you head to Curtain Fig Tree National Park and make sure you check out the Cathedral Fig Tree. Gigantic trees with a root system that is so unbelieving awesome you just gotta see it for yourself.




Paronella Park:

Located about 80-100kms outside of cairns, Paronella Park is a beautiful site to see. Costing $43 to enter the park I would say it’s a little steep but the cost gives you a 2 year pass (handy If you’re a local) and you can choose to do a guided tour or do it at your own pace. We did our own thing because I had a plane to catch in the evening and did not want to be running late.

The admission fee also gives you some food so you can feed the cute little turtles (plenty at the turtle bay area) and fish. The gardens are stunning; the waterfalls down the grand staircase ahhhh-mazing, the castle, well if you could walk on it it’d be like you’re in your own Romeo and Juliet movie. Stunning. Now I know why people have weddings here. I could easily set up a picnic rug and set myself down for a good couple of hours taking it all in. With the raining affecting most of our weekend, it made the grounds look really green and lush.




Overall, it was a fantastic trip to North Queensland and I can’t wait to return!


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