What to Do in Adelaide: Australia Edition

If you’ve never been to Adelaide like myself, until just recently, check out my What To Do in Adelaide post to see what I did on my weekend away.

I get so much joy out of booking a holiday to a place I’ve never been before so you could only imagine how excited I got when I booked flights to see South Australia’s Capital, Adelaide this autumn. I seriously couldn’t sleep for at least 2 nights as my head was in its “creative” mode and was thinking about all the things I’d be ticking off my Adelaide bucket list and what I’d love to film and take photos of.

Woah, let me catch my breath. Those are some long sentences. Sorry about that.

Fast forward to April 29th and I boarded my flight to Adelaide! I chose a window seat on both my flights and luckily enough had chosen the right seat on my arrival. The city was below us and I could see Adelaide and its suburbs in all her glory. It was nightfall so I was happy I got to see Adelaide shine her brightest. Such a great welcoming to a new city.

I’ve got to be honest with you all, to see a new city, 2 days doesn’t even scrap the surface to see what is on offer. Although Adelaide is small in comparison to Brisbane there was still so much to see that I didn’t even get to complete my list. That’s okay though. That just means another trip to Adelaide in the future. And I will be back. I seriously don’t know why it’s taken me this long to visit.


I had booked this holiday half way through autumn, totally forgetting that it would be autumn and was just so overwhelmed with delight once I saw the colours this city had during this amazing season (autumn is one of my favourite seasons). However I was advised by my friend, Kim, that if I had arrived 2 weeks earlier I would have seen the leaves starting to change colour. Damn.

On the Saturday morning, My cousin and I decided to go for a juice at Unley with a drive through Victoria Avenue. A beautiful street lined with tall trees and swaying leaves, gorgeous homes and big front gardens with the sun peering through the branches. Such a relaxing drive through a ritzy part of Adelaide.


We enjoyed a stroll along the shops on King William Road and stopped in at Nutrition Republic for our organic juices. They were delish and what made it even better was sitting outside, enjoying the sun and watching the world pass us by. By noon is was time to head home and get ready to catch up with my friend, Kim, who I hadn’t seen for over eighteen months. We met on Contiki in the Aussie outback. Just two Aussie girls catching up like we had only seen each other the other day.

Kim took me to the Mount Lofty lookout where we got panoramic views of Adelaide and the ocean with the Adelaide Hills in the foreground. We took in the view and then enjoyed lunch, a hot beverage and cheesecake at the restaurant. The perfect location to catch up.

Afterwards Kim took me to Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens where the trees had all different colours and some without. We took a wander through the gardens leaving me in awe of how beautiful their autumn is (we don’t get much of the change of season in Brisbane). The gardens came to a point where there was a steep incline, and yes I did slip but no damage was done. If you want to see majority of the gardens it’s probably best to spend a full day here. Enjoy a picnic and the views. They are incredible.


While we were playing around in the leaves we realised we had less than 30 minutes til sunset so we got into the car and drove to Glenelg Beach to watch the sun disappear below the horizon. I’ve always watch the sun rise over the beach, never set so this was a real delight to watch. This was probably the best first day anyone could have asked for for a trip to a new city.


Dinner was in North Adelaide at a restaurant called Gin Long Canteen. If you’re after Asian cuisine then this is the place to go. Busy with happy customers and wonderful aromas filling the room with the amazing food they cook and serve. If you’re a cocktail drinker like myself opt for the Apple La. This was amazingly apple-tising.  Eat the apple in the drink – it’s heaven in your mouth. The food was fantastic. I, myself, am not a lover of spicy food but I just couldn’t stop eating it and the service was outstanding. I would go back here in a heartbeat.


Woah, onto Sunday now. See this trip just wasn’t long enough I tell you.

Sunday morning we took a drive to Henley beach where we decided would be the perfect place to brunch. Until we got there. It was windy. Sand was making its way on the footpath and most of the cafes looked closed. So we headed to Stella where we were given just a basic menu for our meals. I always seem to go for the eggs Bennie. They usually never let me down, but I’m really particular when it comes to eggs. There were just a tad uncooked for me meaning I left scraps on my plate. The chai was delish and since I’m doing a NO CHOCOLATE FOR A MONTH challenge, this was the next best thing.



After brunch we made our way to Hahndorf. A cute little town inspired by German influence. I got a little taste of Europe and I didn’t have to fly overseas. Okay well the real thing would be better and I’ll get there when I can.

We parked along the main street and walked up and down enjoying the little shops and stalls they had on display. My favourite would be 3 wishes. A candle shop where they have beautiful scented candles and it hits you as soon as you walk through the door. I would have bought one if I didn’t have a luggage limit. We had scones with jam & cream with a hot beverage (another chai but I was less than impressed by it) at Kitchen C2. Loved the scones & jam though. That seems to be my thing lately. We indulged in some cheese tasting at Cheese. Yes that is the name of the shop and enjoyed some beautiful artwork.




Wearing my scarf, my big coat and boats it was beautiful to walk along the street in Hahndorf dressed up like I was. It was cool enough for me to actually wear my “winter” gear. After exploring Hahndorf we drove back home where it was time to chill out before heading back to the airport.


I had such an amazing time that I cannot wait to go back. If you’re planning a trip to Adelaide, allow yourself to have 3 full days to discover the city and in the wine region.



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