Thank You Social Media!

In the last decade, social media has really taken off. I mean you have it at your fingertips no matter where you are.

Away from home, at home, in the office, on holiday. Wherever you go, you will always be able to access social media. But this post isn’t to say anything negative about it; in fact I’m applauding social media for being so good in one particular way.

Social media is great for family and friends to keep in contact with you if you’re in a different state or holidaying/living abroad in a different country. It’s also great to follow people who you’ve taken an interest too. Whether it be an actor/actress, a travel blogger, YouTube star, fashion blogger, singer, a reality TV personality and everyone else in between. So in fact, Social Media has bought people together.

We are forever on our phones and computers checking out the latest blog post, YouTube clip, news article and I’m raising my hand because I’m one of those people. Having different apps on your phone has made it easy to distract people from everyday life but this distraction is a good kind of distraction. You see I’m writing this blog post to say thank you to some of my favourite people I follow on social media.

So below are a few of my favourites that I’m forever reading or watching for some inspiration whether it be about travel, beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

Firstly I must say a big thank you to Brooke from World of Wanderlust for inspiring so many people across the globe for getting out there and travelling solo. Her journey started in 2014 and boy did it go off with a bang. Voted for a number of awards, this girl is certainly living the high life – the way she wants too. I met her in person earlier this year and she’s exactly the person she is when she’s also starring in her own vlogs. Love your personality Brooke. Keep up the good work.

Another blog/vlogging couple who I started following this year are Stephen and Jess from Flying the Nest. Taking a year away from home, Australia, they have flown the nest and are travelling abroad vlogging their everyday antics. So far, they have been to Canada, Costa Rica and America. This couple have inspired me to start doing my own vlogs about my travels etc. They also won the Covermore Insurance Selfie Adventure Video. How cool is that?! I hope our paths cross one day guys and I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for you both.

In the last couple of weeks I have started following you tubers about fashion, beauty, and even about their everyday lives. Someone who has inspired me a little to work on my fashion has been Tess from TessChristine & More of Tess. Seriously, this girl can pull off some amazing Get the Look videos from famous celebrities and on the cheap! Go Girl! To check out her Instagram head on over to TessChristinexo

Not so much of a travel vlogger but Carrie from MissFashioneda vlogs about her life. Whether it’s her friends coming to visit, a day around New York City, beauty, fashion or going home, Carrie is one person who I would love to meet in person one day. I just love her videos and her videos make me laugh. She also adds personal touches to her videos which I think is just great. She’s the perfect combination of funny and just a beautiful human being.

Back to the travel side of things – Polkadot Passport is another. Nicola’s photos are just beyond beautiful. She’s just done a Topdeck tour within Australia and the photos look amazing. It certainly makes me want to revisit some of those places to get photos like hers. Be sure to check out her Instagram page! Just stunning! I absolutely love the photos she got from her recent trip across Europe.

Another blogger who I came across this year owns the Little Grey Box. Phoebe’s writing is just amazing and it actually sounds like she’s talking to you. Her photos are just as beautiful as her words. Another Australian venturing off and around the world with her partner Matt. Check out her Instagram feed here.

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I 💛 Queensland

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And finally, I must put myself in this one as I too want to inspire people to get out there and see the world. With only a handful of countries I have ticked off my list, there is plenty more I would love to explore. I created Krista’s Wandering Footprints to get myself out there and write about locations and experiences I have been too and done.  Check out my Instagram for some inspiration.

I’ve had some of my family and friends tell me how well I am doing right now. At the moment I have this craving feeling to just see as much of the world as I can. My sister, especially has told me how proud she is of me for travelling on my own (be it with tours or meeting up with friends in different countries) and this is what I love hearing. My goal is to work at my photography and writing skills to improve this little blog I like to call my baby.

Who are you following on social media? And who inspires you? Comment them below.

Krista x


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